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Community Well-being


In June 2015 Council is conducted it's first ever Community Wellbeing Survey.  

The aim of the survey is to help Council better understand how the community is feeling and its overall sense of wellbeing. This can then inform the goals and activities outlined in Council's Community Strategic Plan, a plan which aims to provide Lane Cove residents with a better quality of life.

The results of the survey have been analysed and the report is now available. Council received a Wellbeing Index of 76.2 out of 100. The score is based on responses to 15 questions across a number of different aspects of wellbeing, ie. the things that make it possible for us to lead meaningful, happy and fulfilled lives. Any score above 60 means that most people reported positive views about their personal and community wellbeing.

An Infographic has been developed to give a snapshot of the findings.