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Council Plans


​Council has adopted a number of plans which promote and encourage better access for the Community. Each Plan has specific goals and recommendations relating to access.

Social Plan

Council's Social Plan provides for the following groups within the Community: Aboriginal Australians, People with Disabilities, People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds Children, Youth, Seniors, and Women. The Social Plan was adopted by Council in July 2005 with the oversight and assistance of the Lane Cove Social Development Group.

Cultural Plan

Council adopted the plan, Expressing our Culture: A Cultural Action Plan in December 2004 and was the first Council in NSW to develop a Cultural Plan in line with all the elements of the latest Cultural Planning Guidelines from the NSW Ministry for the Arts. The Local Government and Shires Association of NSW's Inaugural Cultural Award for Policy and Planning was awarded to Lane Cove Council in May 2005.

Sustainability Plan

Council is committed to helping the local community become part of the global effort towards more sustainable local communities through it's Sustainability Plan.

Copies of all plans can be downloaded via these links or through Council.

Development Control Plans (DCP)

Council has a number of DCP's that are applied to any development application submitted. The principle DCP is Access and Mobility 5 which has recently been reviewed.