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Local History Publications


The Lane Cove Library Local Studies Monograph series was funded with an initial seeding grant from Lane Cove Council in 1982. Profits from each publication are used to fund subsequent works.

The aim of the series is to promote research and writing on the local area by providing a means of publishing. The program also aims to make research materials on the municipality available to the many students and researchers working in the area.

The Library has published 25 books to date. Copies of publications are available for sale - contact the Library for further details.


All prices are inclusive of GST. 



​​Artists of Lane Cove - Judy Washington, 1989
(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No.3)
128 p., 90 photographs 

Cost - $12.00

​Beyond the Untidy Fringe: a history of the Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society - Virginia Macleod, 2012

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No.21) 88p

Cost - $30.00

A Century of Change: Lane Cove Municipality 1895-1995 - Eric Russell

(Lane Cove: Lane Cove Council. 1995)
59p. 51 photographs

Cost - $5.50

​Claudia : an unauthorised biography of Claudia Leach - James Dargan, 2003 

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No.18)
158p,. including illustrations and portraits. 

Cost - $35.00

Exploring Historic Lane Cove - by Car or Foot
(Lane Cove Library Local Studies Monograph No. 6)

Exploring Historic Longueville - by Car or Foot
(Lane Cove Library Local Studies Monograph No. 7)

Exploring Historic Northwood - by Car or Foot
(Lane Cove Library Local Studies Monograph No. 8)

Exploring Historic Greenwich - by Car or Foot
(Lane Cove Library Local Studies Monograph No. 9)

Illustrated with pen sketches by Jayne Duff, text by Judy Washington

Cost -  $3.85 each 

Set of four in folder $13.20

​The Family of Mann - James Dargan,
(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No.16)
146 p., 55 photographs

Cost - $33.00

Lane Cove Concert Band: The First 50 Years 1963 - 2013 - Rosalie Lucas, 2013

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No. 23)                                              

186p., including photographs

Cost - $25.00

Lane Cove Literary Award 2014: An Anthology - Various Authors, 2015

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No. 24)                                              

142p., including photographs

Cost - $25.00

​​Lane Cove Literary Award 2015: An Anthology - Various Authors, 2016

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No. 25)                                              

142p., including photographs

Cost - $25.00


​Lane Cove - Australia Remembers 1945 - 1995 World War II Book of Honour, 1995

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph, No.11) 43p.

Cost - $5.50

Ned Trickett: Champion Sculler of the World: Australia's First Sporting World Champion - Gordon Trickett, 2000

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph, No.17)

Cost - $28.00

​Poets in Residence Anthology 2012 - Various Authors, 2012

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph, No. 22)

40p., including photographs

Cost - $16.50

​St Leonards Railway Station 1890-1995 - William Polglase, 2007

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No. 20) 39p.

Cost - $9.90

​​Sydney's First Harbour Tunnel - James Dargan,  1992

(Lane Cove Public Library Monograph No. 5)
40 p., including photographs

Cost - $12.10