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Lane Cove Library provides a range of technology:

3D Printing

3D Printing is available at Lane Cove Library. The printer is available on Thursday evenings 5:00pm - 9:00pm or by appointment. The 3D printing fee is $5.00 per job plus $0.10 per minute print time.

Let the library know which design you would like and the web source. Designs may be obtained from a variety of websites -,

Designs will be transferred to an SD card for insertion into the 3D printer. Print jobs will be completed in a single colour (red, blue, gold, silver, magenta or black).

To book or obtain a quotation please email the Library.


Keep your brain active with an Adult Launchpad - inlcuding crossword puzzles, number activities, hidden object games and map brain games.

The Junior Launchpads are suitable for preschool to aged 10+ and topics include English, Maths, Science, Music and eBooks.

The Launchpads do not have Internet connectivity and earphones are not required. Each tablet comes with a power charging cord which can be plugged into a computer to recharge when the battery runs low.

Launchpads can only be borrowed on an adult library card. Junior Launchpads are located near the Junior Audiobooks, while the Adult Launchpads are located near the Adult Audiobooks.

PCS, Printing and Payments

The Library offers free use of all public PCs including for email and word processing applications. In June 2018 the LIbrary introduced the Monitor PC Reservation and Printing solution. The Monitor kiosk (located near the Information Desk) allows you to make EFTPOS payments for printing, photocopying, book sale items, fees and charges.

Printing from your laptop, tablet or other devices can be done using wireless printing.


Save Power Kits

The library has a collection of Save Power kits for seven day loan. Each kit contains:

  •  A power meter to measure energy consumption and running costs of appliances

  •  An infrared thermometer to measure fridge, freezer and hot water temperatures

  •  A compass to identify the orientation of the home and passive solar heating opportunities

  •  A stopwatch to measure shower and tap flow rate

  •     Instructions on using the equipment 

  •     Worksheets to calculate your home energy efficiency   

  •  A Home Energy Action Plan to record actions you will take to save energy and reduce bills.


Wireless Printing

You can print PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Image files while connected to the "Lane Cove Library" wireless network. Log in to Web-Print with your Shorelink Library card or Guest card, follow the prompts on the screen and collect your print job at the Copier.

If you need assistance enquire at the Information Desk.

Standard printing charges apply.