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April 2020


Wild About Lane Cove Photography Competition
You're invited to join Council's Wild About Lane Cove Photo Challenge! Be in the running to win great prizes.

Explore your home, backyard, garden or balcony to find one or more of the items on the list below. Then take a photo, upload it to your Instagram account and tag @lanecovecouncil_ and #WildAboutLaneCove to go in the draw!

Each photo uploaded and tagged is considered one entry. Enter up to ten times.

How many of these natural features and creatures can you find outside?

  • An outdoor path 
  • A native flower
  • A native bird
  • Life-giving water 
  • Something that feels soft
  • Something that feels hard
  • A small creature
  • Fungi or lichen
  • A close up of nature
  • A natural landscape scene 

Get the kids involved and see how many items they can find in the backyard, or if you are unable to get outside see how many items you can find at home. 

Remember to keep yourself and others safe by following current Government advice on social distancing and self-isolation.  Please be mindful of facility closures when taking photos. More information on local changes due to COVID-19 is available here

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Get Gig Ready – Do-it-yourself Music Business Basics - Digital Program
Digital Program
Amp up your music skills with Get Gig Ready - a series of free industry-run podcasts designed to get your career moving, your live show firing, and strengthen the live music scene in Ryde and Lane Cove. Due to COVID-19, the Get Gig Ready series will now be offered as a series of podcasts.
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