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Current Issues




New Payment Option for St Leonards Parking

There will soon be a new way to pay for on-street metered parking in the St Leonards area.

Council has partnered with Database Consultants Australia (DCA) to implement the PayStay payment system for on-street metered parking spaces in the highly utilised precinct. The system will give users the option to pay by using their smartphone or standard mobile phone. The PayStay system will also allow users to only be charged for their time spent in the parking space (ie. no more overpayments) and be sent text reminders warning them of their parking expiry.

People will be able to use PayStay from mid-July .

For more information about how PayStay works, please visit their website.

Penrose/Best Street Roundabout

Road safety on River Road West, Bridge Street & Penrose Street has been a longstanding concern of Council and the community for over 10 years. There have been over 60 reported crashes between Austin Street and Burns Bay Road since 2007, some of them a result of excessive speed. To address this issue, Council developed the River Road West Safety Scheme – a package of traffic management measures aimed at reducing traffic speeds and improving safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Included in the River Road West Safety Scheme is the proposal to construct a new roundabout at the intersection of Penrose Street and Best Street. The proposed scheme would improve the safety of right-turn movements at the intersection; act as a traffic calming device on Penrose Street; provide a u-turn facility; and provide safer crossing locations for pedestrians.

In May 2014 Council undertook a consultation exercise to inform the decision to progress the scheme.

Although 50% of respondents stated their full support of the scheme, a significant proportion also completely objected it. Council believes that many of the issues raised by objectors could be addressed through design amendments to the proposed design and upgrades to adjacent intersections (including the RMS upgrade of the Penrose Street / Burns Bay Road intersection).

Council will now consider revisions to the scheme and monitor the implementation of upgrades within the vicinity before revisiting the proposed roundabout measure.

Further details on the consultation results are provided in the Summary of Consultation document.

Installation of Traffic Lights at Longueville Road and Birdwood Avenue


The section of Longueville Road between Little Street and Birdwood Avenue has been an ongoing cause for concern for Council and the wider community for a number of years with a high number of accidents and near misses for cars and pedestrians.

Official Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) crash data and North Shore Local Area Command reports show that there have been a total of 38 recorded accidents at the two intersections since January 2006.

Improving road safety in this location has therefore been one of Council’s highest priorities with Council staff undertaking comprehensive traffic studies to determine possible solutions. Upon reviewing these studies RMS formally advised Council in July 2013 to progress a scheme that comprises the following measures:-

  • Installation of traffic signals at the Birdwood Avenue intersection allowing all movements; and
  • Introduce a left-in, left-out arrangement at the Little Street intersection.

Council put the scheme on public exhibition between September and November 2013 with the results presented at the November 2013 Ordinary Council Meeting. At the meeting, Council resolved to progress the detailed design of the scheme.

Following approval of the traffic signal design plan by RMS in February 2014, Council resolved to construct the scheme at the March 2014 Ordinary Council Meeting.

Commencement of Works

Works are now in progress, there is now no right turn out of Little Street on to Longueville Road and no right turn into Little Street from Longueville Road. This has meant some changes to the 261 and 265 bus routes and an alternate route to Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre.

Council’s contractors are currently working on the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Birdwood Avenue and Longueville Road. This should be completed (weather permitting) by the end of July.

To reduce the impact during peak hours, working hours will be between 8pm and 5am with no noisy works taking place after 11pm.

The result will be a set of traffic lights which provide a safer solution for pedestrians and cars accessing the town centre via Birdwood Avenue. Further details will be provided via Council's website and on-site as the works progress.

Please contact Council’s Transport Planner on 9911 3584 or by email if you have any further queries.

Important Information for Bus Routes 261 & 265

Due to no right turn into and out of Little Street, bus routes for 261 and 265 buses will change as per the on-site advertisements provided by STA at the affected locations. Changes will come into place from Monday 2 June.

Aquatic Centre Renovation Works

From mid-March 2014 renovations will commence at Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre on a new entry, gym expansion and new terrace area.

To coincide with the renovation, essential works will also be completed on-site to reduce the length of disruption to pool users and the local community.

It is expected that the works will be completed in time for the peak usage in Summer 2014-2015.

Overview of Renovations

Stage One (To commence Autumn 2014)

  • Construction of a new main entry to the complex at the pool deck level
  • Removal of office and kiosk on deck level
  • Construction of a new terrace associated with the new cafe
  • Construction of a new community space on the pool deck level
  • New entry gates for easier access to outdoor pool for swimming carnivals
  • An awning over the new entry to the Centre

Stage Two (To commence Winter 2014*)

  • Modifying entry to existing crèche to enable access from both levels
  • Increasing floor space near the fitness centre to provide:
  • Improved change room and toilets
  • Leisure facilities, including new spin room and increased area for gym and aerobics studio
  • Staff and reception areas
  • Removal of the stairway to the existing Little Street entry on the upper level

*The commencement of the Stage Two works in July 2014 will be revised based on the successful completion of Stage One of works in June 2014.

The aim is to reduce the level of disruption to users of the Centre during the works by providing access to facilities wherever safe and practical to do so.

As a result the Centre will be open during the works with some pools/parts of pools being unavailable for short periods of time. Signage within the Centre and on Bluefit’s website will provide up to date information on the availability of facilities. It is recommended that users check before their visit to the Centre. For the latest information on the renovations, visit

St Leonards Bus Rail Interchange and Plaza

Council is looking to advance plans for a new Bus Rail Interchange and Plaza in St Leonards as part of its vision to create an identifiable ‘sense of place’ in St Leonards.

The initial concept was presented in 2011 to assist in the redevelopment of St Leonards in line with the objectives set in the 2009 development control plan for the precinct.

An urban design expert worked with Council to develop the concept into a buildable idea. Council was then able to commence a pathway of consultation and negotiation with numerous State Government parliamentarians

and departments to gain support and approval for the idea. Council has also sought and gained the support of North Sydney and Willoughby Councils and key property owners to progress the vision for a St Leonards Bus Rail Interchange and Plaza.

High level discussions and negotiations are underway between Council and senior

officers from Transport for NSW, seeking approval to undertake the necessary investigations and prepare detailed designs that could lead to this project becoming reality. It has reached the stage where Council

will be obtaining formal State Government support for the project through Member for Lane Cove, the Honourable Anthony Roberts MP and through the Minister for Transport, the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian.

Once this support is obtained the detailed analysis and design process will be undertaken to assist in determining whether the project is financially feasible to develop the public domain in St Leonards.


Road Safety Scheme - River Road West, Penrose Street & Bridge Street

Council is continuing to implement a series of traffic management measures for the River Road West/Bridge Street/Penrose Street route. The measures, including the recent addition of a pedestrian refuge island, are part of a road safety scheme designed to help slow vehicles down and reduce the high number of vehicle accidents that occur along this route. The area has seen a high number of traffic incidents including almost 200 accidents across the five year period from 1999-2004.

Further information about the significant history of the road safety scheme can be found below. This includes Council's initiation of the scheme following a petition by local residents with over 500 signatories.


Stage 2 Plaza Upgrade

In 2011 Lane Cove Council upgraded the Lloyd Rees Bandstand and associated areas of Lane Cove Plaza.

Construction works are now due to commence on the final phase of the Plaza upgrade.  Council has appointed CA&I Pty Ltd to undertake these works.

The upgrade will maintain the diversity of community uses presently found in the Plaza.  The design reflects a balance of public/cafe seating, improved pedestrian access/movement through the Plaza, a range of amenity improvements, and a new night time lighting concept that will enliven the Plaza in the evenings.

The upgrade works are scheduled to occur in three stages: Stage 1 will commence at the Longueville Road end of the plaza with Stage 2 constructed concurrently at the Burns Bay Road end shortly after. Stage 3 works will be completed near the centre of the Plaza on completion of the Stage 1 works.

The project is due to commence in May 2014 with works scheduled to be completed in October 2014.

When will work take place?

Stage 1 (Longueville Rd)

Stage 1 footpath work at the Longueville Road end will commence in the week of Monday 12 May 2014. Standard work our hours will be:

  • 7am – 7pm  Monday to Friday day time
  • 7pm – 7am  Sunday to Thursday night time

These works are scheduled to be completed in 6 weeks.

What will occur in Stage 1?

  • New streetlighting and decorative lighting
  • New landscaping / footpath paving
  • New electrical / drainage works

Stage 2 (Burns Bay Rd end)

Stage 2 footpath work at the Burns Bay Road end will commence in the week of Monday 26 May 2014. Standard work our hours will be:

  • 7am – 7pm  Monday to Friday day time
  • 7pm – 7am  Sunday to Thursday night time

What will occur in Stage 2?

  • New decorative lighting / street lighting
  • New raised timber decking and seating area
  • New covered cafe seating area
  • New footpath paving / drainage works

To minimise disruption to the wider community, noisy works including sawcutting and excavation hammering have been planned during the night times between 7pm and 12 midnight.

Current scheduling has noisy activity scheduled in Stage 1 commencing 19 May 2014 for a duration of 2 weeks and in Stage 2 from 2 June 2014 for 2 weeks.

Further updates will be provided in the event of program changes.  Works have been scheduled to minimise the construction duration of the noisy activities.

What equipment will be used?

Equipment that will be used includes:

  • Excavator / skid steer machine
  • Construction trucks / tippers
  • Road cutting saw
  • Jack hammer / air compressor
  • Concrete trucks / Forklift / Crane trucks
  • Piling rig / excavator

What might I notice?

You might notice the following activity:

  • Site hoarding surrounding work zone
  • Changes to pedestrian access paths
  • Construction vehicle movements
  • Excavation works / Jack hammering
  • Saw cutting

Work will be noisy at times, however every effort will be made to minimise the impact on nearby businesses.

Signage and traffic management will be in place to direct pedestrians around the works areas in the Plaza.

How can I stay updated?

On-site signage in the Plaza will be updated with the latest information on the project milestones to inform local businesses and the community. In addition to information available on the homepage of Council’s website there is also a Plaza Upgrade e-newsletter. Subscribe to the e-newsletter today.

This will ensure you can be contacted in the event of immediate notification being required in relation to the works.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and patience during these works.

For urgent enquiries regarding construction activities, please contact Menios Mitakidis on the 24-hour Construction Response Line on 0404 090 147.

Blackman Park Construction Works

Construction is underway for two new synthetic fields at the eastern end of Blackman Park. The new fields will not only reduce the closure of fields during wet weather but also increase the number of hours that the fields can be accessed by local sporting clubs. Local soccer, cricket, rugby and touch football clubs will all benefit from the new fields when completed later this year. A new track around the perimeter od the entire park will also provide an opportunity for members of the community to enjoy walking and running along boardwalks and shared pathways.

Four new cricket nets are proposed for the western end in partnership with Lane Cove Cricket Club. Council has also partnered with Lane Cove Scouts to deliver a new Scout Hall and amenities building to serve the fields. Construction of the building is expected to commence mid-year. Council will also be investing in a central control for sports field lighting which will remove the need for lights to be manually controlled and in turn reduce energy consumption across the grounds.

April update:

This month has involved a lot of inclement weather however filling works for the playing fields are now almost complete and are on track to be finalised by the first week of May.

Two of the concrete pours for the slab have been completed, with two more to be completed shortly. along with a third slab section in early May. The contractors have continued with the drainage work and have all but completed laying the pipes.

March update:

Playing Fields

The filling works are now three quarters complete with the works progressing on to the bottom half of the playing fields. The piling contractor has completed approximately 70 piles. Due to the recent rains the first pour of the concrete slab has been delayed however, in lieu of the first slab pour the contractor has commenced installing the drainage lines and continued the pouring of the pile caps.


The bulk earthworks and laying of geofabric has been completed and the remainder of the creek works will now be on hold until the playing fields are completed.


February update:


Playing Fields

The filling of the top half of the fields is now complete and pilling works have commenced. The concrete slab will be poured in 16 pours with the first concrete pour commencing in two weeks.



The bulk earth works for the creek are almost complete and a protective layer of geofabric has been laid on the lower half of the creek for silt control. Geofabric will be laid on the upper half in the next week. The bulk excavation for the wetland area has also been completed and the geofabric will be laid soon.

January update:

Construction works for the synthetic playing surface at Blackman Park commenced on 6 January 2014.The contractor is currently importing fill to bring the oval up to the design sub-base level of the new fields. This process is expected to take 6 weeks to complete.

Work has also commenced on the new creek system and the major excavation works should be completed in the next three weeks.

Access is to Blackman Park is unavailable from Penrose Street or any other south-side access, this will be reviewed as work progresses.

Periodic updates will be provided during the course of the works via this link.

Please refer to the following links for background information.

Public Notification of Proposed Development: Shell Australia, Gore Bay

Integrated Development Application DA14/2 – Notice of Proposed Development

Roads and Maritime Services has received a Development Application (DA) from Shell Refining Australia Pty Ltd seeking approval for the installation of an additional marine loading arm and an additional berthing fender at “Wharf 1” abutting the Shell Gore Bay Terminal at 124 Greenwich Rd, Greenwich.

This application, which was previously notified on 5 November 2013, is being re-notified because a preliminary hazard analysis in the context of State Environmental Planning Policy No33 – Hazardous and Offensive Development has recently been provided by the applicant.

The Development Application and supporting documentation, including the preliminary hazard analysis, may be inspected during business hours for a period of 46 days from Thursday 19 December, 2013 to Monday 3 February, 2014 at the RMS Offices on James Craig Road, Rozelle between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

It is also available at Lane Cove Council’s Civic Centre and at the Lane Cove and Greenwich libraries.

All submissions should be made in writing by 3 February 2014 to Roads and Maritime Services, Locked Bag 5100 CAMPERDOWN NSW 1450 or by e-mail to

If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission.

Little Lane Temporary Car Park

At its October meeting Council considered a report on temporary parking options during the construction of the new 200 space public car park, community space and residential development on the existing Little Lane Car Park site.

At present the Little Lane Car Park provides 86 car spaces that cater predominantly for the Aquatic Centre and Pottery Green. Five options were submitted to the Council meeting to provide a temporary replacement for the Little Lane Car Park. These were:-

i. Temporary leasing of car spaces within the Oriel Building at 71 Longueville Road;

ii. Construction of car spaces in Cox’s Lane;

iii. Pottery Green – Temporary hard stand (gravel base) option;

iv. Pottery Green – Temporary flooring hire option; and

v. Temporary modular car park installed on the Council Chambers site.

An amended option for a smaller temporary car park on Pottery Green has been developed that provides for 65 car spaces, running East - West, which allows a full size sporting oval to be retained.

The amended option, together with the other options was considered by Council on Monday, 18 November 2013. Council determined that:-.

  • Council approve, as and when required, the temporary leasing of car spaces within the Oriel Building at 71 Longueville Road for Council vehicle parking.
  • Should 1. above proceed, the car park currently used by Council vehicles be open to the public, where practicable, to relieve parking shortages during the period of construction.
  • Following the completion of the purchase of 69 Longueville Road from the RMS, the site be temporarily used as a car park. 
  • The General Manager look at optimisation of parking restrictions around the Little Street development and consult with residents and other relevant stakeholders prior to any changes to such restrictions.
  • All parking options be reassessed by the General Manager after the start of construction of the Little Lane Development and consultation be undertaken with residents and other relevant stakeholders on any proposed changes.
  • Key stakeholders as noted in the report and the community be advised of Council’s decision.


Planning in St Leonards South

St Leonards South Strategy – Stage 1

Council resolved to undertake a master planning process for a precinct in St Leonards bounded by the Pacific Highway to the north, the railway line to the east, River Road to the south and Greenwich Road to the west. Council officers developed a Brief for the St Leonards Strategy, to be undertaken in two parts:-

  • Stage 1 Precinct Report; and
  • Stage 2 Growth Scenarios Report.

Consultants David Lock and Associates (DLA) were engaged to complete Stage 1 of the St Leonards Strategy. The Precinct Report includes:-

  • consideration of the current State, metropolitan and local strategic planning context;
  • a summary of existing conditions such as land use, demographic profile, urban structure and built form, public domain and natural features, vehicular and pedestrian access and movement, and physical infrastructure;
  • a summary of the community consultation undertaken as part Stage 1; and
  • an analysis of issues and opportunities for the precinct.

Community consultation undertaken, included the establishment of a website and is summarised in the Stage 1 Consultation Report.

The Stage 1 Precinct Report comprises a research document of the existing situation. The Stage 1 Precinct Report with Appendix 1 the Stage 1 Consultation Report.


St Leonards South Strategy – Stage 2

Stage 2 of the St Leonards Strategy will allow Council to develop a long term strategic approach to development close to the major transport hub of St Leonards. At its meeting of 17 March 2014, Council resolved to initiate the Stage 2 report for the St Leonards South Strategy.

Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney

The NSW Government’s Draft Metropolitan Strategy is a plan for Sydney’s growth to 2031.

The strategy identifies that during this time there will be:

  • 1.3 million more people, 545,000 more homes and 625,000 more jobs
  • Key locations – referred to as nine ‘city shapers’ – influencing how housing and jobs growth can be delivered alongside improved transport connections and infrastructure

Within the Strategy is a draft proposal for Lane Cove to be included within a subregion of 17 councils on both sides of Sydney Harbour as well as a number of other suggestions to guide Sydney's growth.

If you would like to find out more, visit the Department of Planning & Infrastructure’s website to read the Draft Metropolitan Strategy. Submissions closed on 28 June 2013. You may wish to view Council’s Submission and the Community Submission submitted to the Department.

Local Government Reform

Council has prepared a comprehensive submission  to the State Government  in response to the consultation paper on Future Directions for NSW Local Government. The Paper proposed a number of structural reforms including forced amalgamation of Councils as well as shared service provisions.

Council’s response to the Independent Review Panel was prepared in consultation with the community through an online survey and public forum. A copy of Council's response is available to view online.

The Final Report of the Independent Review Panel is due to the Minister by the end of September 2013.

Destination 2036

The Destination 2036 Action Plan was developed jointly by the Chief Executive of the Division of Local Government, and the Presidents of the NSW Local Government Association, the NSW Shires Association, and the Local Government Managers Australia (NSW).

It sets a new direction for local government in NSW and sets out how councils will deliver services to their communities in the future. The Minister has said that the Destination 2036 Action Plan will give NSW residents, communities and Councils a clear explanation of how the local government sector will modernise, reform and improve how they function in the next five years, 10 years, and 25 years.

The initiatives identified in the Action Plan are based on five major strategic directions:

  • Efficient and effective service delivery in local government,

  • Quality governance and leadership in local government,

  • Financial sustainability in local government,

  • Appropriate, flexible structural models in local government, and

  • Strong relationships within local government.

For further information visit the Destination 2036 website.

Local Government Review Panel

Supported by the Local Government & Shires Associations of NSW, the NSW Minister for Local Government has appointed a three member Local Government Review Panel to develop options to improve the strength and effectiveness of local government in NSW. The review is designed to drive key strategic directions identified in the Destination 2036 initiative and support the broader objectives of the State as outlined in NSW 2021: A Plan to Make NSW Number One (State Plan). The Panel's Terms of Reference and key tasks were developed from the Destination 2036 Action Plan.
The Panel will investigate and identify options for governance models, structural arrangements and boundary changes for local government in NSW, considering:-

  1. ability to support the current and future needs of local communities;
  2. ability to deliver services and infrastructure efficiently effectively and in a timely manner;
  3. the financial sustainability of each local government area;
  4. ability for local representation and decision making; and
  5. barriers and incentives to encourage voluntary boundary changes.

The Panel released its first Paper titled Strengthening Your Community in July 2012 and a second paper, A Case for Change in November 2012. The Panel released its report Future Directions for Local Government - Consultation Paper in April 2013, with community consultation taking place until the end of June 2013. The Panel is due to provide its final report to the Minister for Local Government in September 2013. Further information and reports from the Panel are available at

Proposed Redevelopment of Little Lane Carpark (1-5 Little Street)

The Little Lane Carpark redevelopment was one of the major projects identified in the Major Projects Strategic Management Plan 2007 - 2016 adopted by Council after extensive community consultation.

A Development Application (DA90/2012) has been approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, after being assessed independently of Council. Details of the proposal are available on the Joint Regional Planning Panel website.

The Approved Development comprises 200 public car parking spaces, 1,045m2 of community facilities, 550 m2 retail space and 50 residential units and associated parking.

Council has commenced a selective tender process to undertake the development with works expected to commence early 2014.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.  Strategies to minimize impacts on parking during construction will be provided prior to the project commencing.

Shell Australia Gore Bay Terminal Facility

The information presented are minutes and information provided by Shell Australia Pty Ltd as part of their community responsibility for informing the public about the Gore Bay Terminal. Lane Cove Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and is provided in good faith on behalf of the community.

For those seeking information about the current status of Shell Australia's proposal, please visit the NSW Government's Department of Planning & Infrastructure website: