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Get Gig Ready

Get Gig Ready is a professional development program helping local musicians amp up their skills and shining a spotlight on creative talent in the Ryde and Lane Cove area. 

This program is presented by City of Ryde, Lane Cove Council, the Live Music Office, MusicNSW, 2SER and Macquarie University.


Marketing Workshop (online) - Make Some Noise - Marketing for Musicians

Learn how to successfully promote your music online with Vic from Astral People. Astral People is an artist management and local and international touring company with a publishing and recording label arm based out of Sydney

This workshop will cover:

  • marketing in the digital age, with so many social platforms how do you work out what is right for you?
  • how to stand out while staying true to your creative work
  • a diverse range of PR strategies, from working with publicists and radio, through to postering
In this workshop, Vic will talk through real life examples of how Astral People have undertaken marketing for the diverse range of artists that they work with, tailoring approaches to suit unique needs and audiences. 

Wednesday 24 March, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, free event

Online bookings are essential

Industry Networking Night

Meet industry experts and other local musicians at this in-person networking night. This event will have a structured Ask Me Anything panel followed by time to chat in a more informal environment.

6:pm - 7:30pm, Wednesday 21 April, free event
Lane Cove’s Terrace Function Room, LG, LAne Cove Community Hub, Pottery Lane, Lane Cove

Online bookings are essential
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APRA Workshop (online) - Understanding your Rights as a Music Creator

If you make music that is performed or shared publicly it is important to understand your rights and obligations as a content creator. We’ve teamed up with APRA AMCOS - a music rights organisation representing over 103,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in Australia - to help you understand:

  • how music licencing works for content creators and users
  • how royalties work (and what you need to do to get some!)
  • what APRA AMCOS’ role is, and how they support their members

6:00pm - 7:30pm, Wednesday 19 May, free event

Online bookings are essential

Calling local musicians: Get Gig Ready – Radio Profile Opportunity

Get Gig Ready is shining a spotlight on creative talent in the Lane Cove and Ryde areas with a new Radio project. Each week we will profile a local artist or act - hear their music, talk about their creative process and get their advice to help other local musicians. This series is hosted by Felix Shannon on behalf of 2SER radio and will be launched in March 2021.

Want to be a feature artist? Are you a local musician or creative in the Ryde or Lane Cove areas? Sign up to your local Council’s Artist Register so we can find out more about you and your work!

If you’re based in the Lane Cove area, please email your information directly to

If you’re based in the Ryde area, you can sign up here.


Podcast Series

This is a  seven part podcast series helping local musicians amp up their live performance skills. Get Gig Ready airs on Mondays at 6:30PM on 2SER radio until Monday 24 August. This program is also available online at or on any of your favourite podcast streaming platforms.

Over this series we talk with musicians, managers, radio hosts and other industry insiders to get in tune on what's going on in the music industry, and how you can get the most out of the music you're making. Topics range from the basics of the music biz, to marketing, putting on a gig and more! Each episode will also feature a track by a local musician.

Get Gig Ready is presented by City of Ryde, Lane Cove Council, the Live Music Office, MusicNSW and 2SER, with support from Macquarie University.

Episode 1 | Dobby - Music Outreach (feat. Rotaris and Zeadala)

If you’ve ever wondered what your music can do for people, or how it can be used to communicate and advocate on important social issues, this episode is for you. 

We’re joined by Dobby, a rapper and drummer of proud Filipino and Aboriginal descent. Dobby’s musical skills are not limited to the stage. He regularly engages in public speaking and workshop events to help communities all around the country embrace the power of music and better understand the gears turning behind it. From working regionally to representing and collaborating with marginalised communities, Dobby will talk about how the power of music runs deeper than just a beat.

This episode's Feature Artist Rotaris, with his track Through The Window featuring Zeadala.

Episode 2 | Okin Osan - The Indie Artist (feat. Household Furniture)

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the idea of presenting your music more professionally or are worried you’ll lose the love if you start to see it as a job, this episode is for you. We’ll be talking about live shows, making merch, and how to keep your passion as you take music more seriously.

Music teacher and indie artist Okin Osan will join us for a chat about her creative career. Making garage pop-punk from music written by her past teenage-self, Okin Osan talks about the process of growing music into a sustainable part of her livelihood.

This episode's Feature Artist is Household Furniture, with their track Sunnyside Avenue.

Episode 3 | PRINCI - Redefining the Pro Musician (feat. Alex Roussos)

If you’ve ever worried that a part time career in music means you’re not a “proper” artist or if you are unsure of how to make full time music work financially, this episode is for you.

Our guest for this episode is experimental pop artist PRINCI, whose unique journey through the industry redefines what a career as a musician could look like. From how to engage an overseas audience to working out what you want from your creative career, PRINCI shares insights as a label and independent musician. PRINCI’s professional approach will blow misconceptions out of the water, revealing that getting the most out of a music career doesn’t necessarily mean throwing everything else away. 

This episode's Feature Artist is Alex Roussos with his track Next To You.

Episode 4 | Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen - How To Put On A Great Gig (feat. Fallen Robins)

This series is Get Gig Ready, and this is the episode we talk gigs. What do you need to put on a show? How do you find a venue? How do you make sure you get booked again? We cover all your questions about live music and how to make the most of your skills and networks to ensure you’re ready for the way gigs are evolving. If you’ve got the tunes but aren’t quite sure how to get across the line to performing live, this is the episode for you.

We’re joined by Jaimee Taylor-Nielsen, one of the masterminds behind music bookers Coven. Jamie also produces Bad Vibrations festival and is the host of The Bridge on FBi Radio.

This episode's Feature Artist is The Fallen Robins, with their track Going to Canberra

Episode 5 | Maia Bilyk - Meeting The Manager (feat. Koda)

If you’ve got your music in the bag, but are unsure what a manager does (let alone if you need one), this episode is for you.

We’re joined by Maia Bilyk, manager of Gauci, team member at Sydney-based label 23, and host on FBi Radio. You might picture managers as the sharp-suited, uninterested individual hiding away at the back of a gig, but Maia is here to shatter that misconception. We talk about how to find a good manager, communicating effectively with your team, and bridging the gap between independence and management.

In this episode, Feature Artist is Koda with their track The Cinderella Complex.

Episode 6 | Vichara Edirisinghe - Managing Full Time Music (feat. Last Thursday)

If you’re intimidated by industry jargon and overwhelmed by the fast moving world of commercial music, this episode will give you the tools to build confidence and your career one leap at a time. We’re joined by co-founder of Astral People, Vichara Edirisinghe. Making the leap into music straight out of a degree in health science might sound crazy, but Vic is an example of how transferable skills, passion and commitment can get you far. In his own career Vic jumped into music with both feet. We talk about the value of professional managers, signing to a label vs flexible artist agreements, international touring and growing your creative career sustainably.

In this episode, Feature Artist Last Thursday with their track Always Happy.

Episode 7 | Stephen Goodhew and Tanya Ali - The Media (feat. Safford)

If you’re looking to get your music heard, this episode is for you. Our guests are Stephen Goodhew, Assistant Music Director at Double J, and Tanya Ali, Partnerships Manager at FBi Radio.

For decades, radio play has been a marker of success for musicians, but how do you make that happen? Tanya and Stephen will talk through their top tips for working with radio stations, as well as how to improve the way you promote your music to any type of media. From getting the tone of your press releases right to familiarising yourself with what shows you should be on and why, mastering the media landscape will help you connect to new and bigger audiences and set you up to keep doing more of what you love.

This episode's Feature Artist is Safford with their track Alright.

Find out more about each artist by visiting City of Ryde and clicking the dropdown link to the relevant episode.

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