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Streetside Gallery


Lane Cove is home to a number of public art projects including artworks, poetry, artist memorials and temporary displays.

main-banner-01.jpgNew Traffic Signal Box Artworks

Council's Streetside Gallery continues to grow with four new traffic signal box artworks now in Lane Cove, Lane Cove West and Linley Point being completed in February and March 2017.

This brings the total number of artworks enlivening local streetscapes to 14. The latest box completed (pictured right) was completed by Matt McLarty and is entitled 'Risen from the Flames'. "Risen from the Flames depicts both the original Chicago Starch Mills that opened on the banks of the Lane Cove River in 1894 and the mill as it exists today. The original mill was almost destroyed by fire in 1897 and since then has evolved with the various changes of guard over time giving us now over 120 years of continuous industry and employment in the Lane Cove area."

Lane Cove's Traffic Signal Box (TSB) Art project is one of many public art initiatives being implemented as part of the Council’s Public Art Policy and Implementation Plan. The objective of the TSB Art project is to use traffic signal boxes as artist canvases to enliven the local streetscape, provide new opportunities for creative expression and deter graffiti taggers. It will contribute to a Streetside Gallery of art found out and about in the streets of Lane Cove.

Traffic Signal Box postcard Design.jpgStreetside Gallery Map

As part of Sunset in the Village Council has put together a map of public artworks throughout the Lane Cove area.

The interactive Streetside Gallery Map includes destinations and descriptions of the artworks to allow you to explore the local area in your own time.

Keep an eye out this March as new signal boxes are added to the map.

Art Cycle

Council is encourages residents to take a self-guided route to cycle past some of Lane Cove's public art collection: