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Public Wharves

Council manages and maintains four public wharves. These are located at:

  • Mitchell Street, Greenwich
  • Bay Street, Greenwich
  • Northwood Road, Northwood
  • Stuart Street, Longueville

Boat Ramps

Council manages and maintains boat ramps at the following locations:

  • Manns Point off O'Connell Street, Greenwich
  • Burns Bay off Kooyong Road, Riverview

Boat Lockers

Council operates Boat Lockers. These are located at Yacht Bay in Mary Street, Longueville and Woodford Bay in Kelly's Esplanade, Northwood and are available for hire by the public at a reasonable annual charge. Use the following links if you want to be on the waiting list to uses these Lockers - for Woodford Bay Boat Locker, Woodford Bay Dinghy Locker , Woodford Bay Kayak Locker and Yacht Bay Locker.

Click for Diagrams and dimensions of Woodford Bay Boat, Dinghy and Kayak Lockers

Click for Diagrams and dimensions of Yacht Bay Boat Lockers.