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Dog Exercise Areas & Professional Dog Walking Permits


Enjoying the outdoors with your dog

It is estimated that there are more than 500,000 dogs in Sydney alone! It is important that pets enjoy the great outdoors with their owners. It is also important that our native birds, lizards and mammals are not harmed by your pet.

Council has designated particular areas throughout the Lane Cove Municipality for off-leash exercise for dogs, many of which are on ovals or parks adjacent to bushland areas.

Council’s policy requires dogs must remain on leash at all times when in public (including bushland) except in designated off-leash areas.  Professional dog walkers conducting commercial business within Lane Cove Public Open Space must have a permit to operate.

This benefits both other people and the environment in the following ways:

  • It protects our native animals, such as birds and lizards, particularly when they are nesting or basking.
  • It reduces the spread of weeds, which can be easily transported on dog fur.
  • It is easier to locate and pick up dog droppings; droppings increase soil nutrient levels, which in turn favours weeds.
  • It protects our plants and waterways from physical disturbance.
  • It provides a safer and healthier working environment for Bushcare volunteers and bush regeneration staff.

Did you know that walking dogs in bushland significantly reduces the number and species of birds found in these areas? Click here to read more on this research.

Leash-free areas

The following areas are designated as off leash exercise areas in accordance with Councils statutory obligations.

Click here to download the off leash exercise area map.


Off leash exercise areas

  1. Bob Campbell Oval, Greenwich (on open playing field areas when organised games are not in progress)
  2. Kingsford Smith Oval, Longueville (on open playing field areas when organised games are not in progress)
  3. Ronald Park, Greenwich
  4. Pottery Green, Lane Cove (on open playing field areas when organised games are not in progress)
  5. Tambourine Bay Reserve, Riverview (except bushland areas)
  6. Blackman Park, Lane Cove West (on open playing field areas when organised games are not in progress)**
  7. Stringybark Reserve, Lane Cove West (open playing field areas only)**
  8. Tantallon Oval, Lane Cove West (open playing field areas only when organised games are not in progress)
  9. Cunninghams Reach, Linley Point (not including playground area)
  10. Lloyd Rees Reserve, Northwood
  11. Newlands Park, St Leonards (not including playground area)
  12. Gamma Road Reserve, Lane Cove (adjacent to Lane Cove Golf Course)
  13. Burns Bay Reserve, Riverview (open playing field areas only when organised games are not in progress)
  14. Helen Street Reserve, Lane Cove (not including playground area)
  15. Ludowici Reserve, Lane Cove West
  16. Shell Park, Greenwich
  17. Manns Point Park, Greenwich

** Note: Lane Cove residents can now enjoy the upgraded walking track at Ventemans Reach following the recent completion of works jointly funded by Council and the NSW Government.

The upgrade involved the replacement of steps and boardwalks from the track entry towards the Saltmarsh Surprise Area which runs north along the Lane Cove River. This bushland is home to several endangered ecological vegetation communities and an improved track will provide greater access and safety for members of the local community looking to enjoy the area. New track signage will soon be placed in the area.

This project was jointly funded by Lane Cove Council and the NSW government under the Sharing Sydney Harbour Access Program.


Other Areas
In all remaining areas within the Municipality dogs must be kept on-leash.

Prohibited areas
Prohibited areas for dogs include any part of a public place which is:
1. Within 10 metres of any childrens playground or play equipment; or
2. Within 10 metres of any food equipment provided in a public place for the preparation of food for human consumption or for the consumption of food by humans; or

3. School grounds; and
4. Childcare centres.