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Wet Weather and Sports Ground Update


Sports Grounds


All Lane Cove Council sports grounds are open​.

Wet Weather Number: 9911 3585

Council may decide to close grounds based on:

  • Weather reports;

  • The risk of injury to players;
  • The sport played and the potential for damage to the playing surface;
  • The condition of the ground when inspected.

Grounds closures can occur at short notice. Neither schools, sporting clubs nor sporting organisations have the authority to approve the use of sporting grounds when Council has made the decision to close the grounds.

Clubs or schools using closed fields will be liable for the full cost of repairs and may lose access to use Council’s fields.

In instances where Council information has deemed all grounds open, clubs or umpires and referees may choose to close specific grounds to prevent injury to players. When this occurs, club representatives should erect the grounds closed sign and contact the affected visiting clubs and teams.

For further information, contact OSUS Division on 9911 3583.