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Approved and Proposed Parking Restrictions - Kooyong Road, Riverview

Council has undertaken further review of the parking restrictions along the eastern and western sections of Kooyong Road, between the boat ramp and the cul-de-sac.

This proposal was developed following a meeting with several residents of Kooyong Street.

The Eastern Section – Riverview Street to Cul-de-sac:

Council’s new proposal is to restrict parking on both sides of Kooyong Road to "4P, 8am-2pm Sat-Sun" as shown in Figure 1.

The Western Section – Boat Ramp to Riverview Street:

Council on 15 March 2021, approved Traffic Committee’s recommendation 16 February 2021, to install "No Parking Vehicles with Trailers Attached Excepted" at two locations along the western section of Kooyong Road as shown in Figure 2.

It means that only vehicles with a boat or trailer attached can park in this area. They will be liable to a fine if the trailer is left un-attached. The intent of this sign is to stop boats and trailers left on the street and not attached to a vehicle.

If you wish to comment on the proposal to install the "4P 8am-2pm Sat-Sun" signs on both sides of Kooyong Road as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 please complete the online survey by Friday 18 June 2021.

Households who provide their email address will be notified of progress of the proposal. Residents seeking a printed copy of the survey can call Council on 02 9911 3555.

Please note this survey is only for residents in Kooyong Road north of Riverview Street.

Background documents:

Proposal for Hamilton Street, Riverview – ‘No Parking’ on Garbage Collection Days

Residents from Hamilton Street were asked to participate in a short survey to provide feedback on proposed ‘No Parking’ on Garbage Collection Days, 1:00am – 2:30pm, Thursdays. The survey has now closed.

Council received 18 responses from 25 residents who received the survey.

  • 12 said 'Yes' and 6 said 'No' on whether to install parking restrictions in Hamilton Street on garbage collection days (No Parking: 1:00am - 2:30pm Thursdays).
  • 11 want the 'No Parking' on the North side, 4 on the South side and 3 do not want any parking restrictions.  

The results of the survey will be now tabled at Council’s Traffic Committee in June 2021 with a recommendation to install the 'No Parking: 1:00am-2.30pm Thursdays' on the Northern side of Hamilton Street from approximately 23m east of Pengilly Street (opposite the property boundary between 39 and 41 Hamilton Street) for approximately 160m west to the ELP located at the bend in Hamilton Street (Pole No.6195466).

Background documents:

Installation of Speed Humps on Karilla Avenue

Residents from Karilla Avenue were asked to participate in a short survey to provide feedback on proposed speed humps in their street. The survey has now closed.

Consultation results 

Council received 25 responses from 34 residents who received the survey. 

The majority (64%) supported the installation of speed humps. Council also took into consideration the support for the individual speed humps in front of residents’ properties. The results are as follows: 

  • Speed Hump 1 (near Kyong Street): Affected residents objected to the speed hump in front of their property.

  • Speed Hump 2 (located in the middle): Affected resident objected to the speed hump in front of their property  while another affected resident did not reply.

  • Speed Hump 3 (near Kurri Street): Affected resident did not respond while the other supported the speed hump on the condition that all three speed humps are installed.  

Next steps 

Council is still liaising with individual residents to finalise the consultation. Once this has been done, residents will be notified of an outcome via this website.

Background documents: