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Reducing Speeding


It's Local. It's 50! Speed Campaign


Speeding remains the greatest cause of death and injuries on our roads, contributing to about 40% of road fatalities.

Unless marked otherwise, the speed limit in Lane Cove is 50km/h. Areas with speed limits of 10, 40 or 60km/h are clearly marked.

Research from the Transport for NSW indicates that slight reductions in vehicle speed will significantly reduce the severity of outcomes for pedestrians in the event of a crash. Speeding, even just a little bit over, can reduce control of the vehicle and increase the impact of a crash. Many of us speed thinking that just a little bit over is okay, that no-one will get hurt and that we have control of the vehicle. This is a dangerous way of thinking.

This is because as a vehicle's speed increases, so does the distance travelled during the driver's reaction time (reaction distance) and distance needed to stop (breaking distance). As a vehicle also increases in speed so does the kinetic (moving) energy which is then absorbed by the impact of a crash.

The 50km/h local speed limit allows drivers to adjust to the conditions of the road and adjust their speed when unexpected things occur, like a young child chasing a ball onto the road or a vehicle backing out of a driveway.

Not all streets in Lane Cove are 50km/h and there are 40km/h High Pedestrian Activity Areas (HPAA), 40km/h School Zones and 10km/h Shared Zones. Please take note of signs when travelling around Lane Cove, as these zones are in place to improve safety, especially for pedestrians.

The aim of the It's Local! It's 50! campaign is to keep local roads safe by educating the community about the local speed limit and to change the perception from "just a little" over the speed limit is okay to instead travel at a safe speed or to the conditions of the road.

Expect the unexpected. Remember – It's Local. It's 50! - keep our roads safe for everyone and drive to the conditions of the road.

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