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Drink Driving in Lane Cove


Ever had that sinking feeling when a police car appears behind you? Your brain starts ticking, madly calculating how many drinks you’ve had. And with around 5 million drivers breath tested every year in New South Wales there’s good reason to be concerned.


Consider these points

  • Nearly 20% of all road fatalities involve drink driving.
  • Every police car is a mobile RBT. If you're worried about getting breath should be.
  • Depending on your age, gender, size, and what you have been drinking, it can take more than 16 hours for your blood alcohol level to return to zero.  

Make a Plan B

If you are planning a big night out, plan ahead:

  • Leave the car at home when you go out
  • Use public transport: Transport Info Website
  • Take a taxi or book an Uber
  • Decide on one person being the designated driver
  • Stay at a friend's house

Visit Transport for NSW for other ideas on getting home safely after a big night out.