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Proposed LEP & DCP Amendments - 266 Longueville Road, Lane Cove

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Ran from Wednesday 23 October 2013 to 5pm Tuesday 26 November 2013


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Public Hearing - held Tuesday 3 December 2013, 5:00pm
Commissioner’s report and attachments - were submitted to Council on Monday, 10 March 2014


The site at 266 Longueville Road was identified in 2007 as a potential development site in Council’s Major Projects Plan.  Extensive community consultation at the time revealed that the majority of the Community supported both the Major Projects Plan and some kind of development on the 266 Longueville Road site.

Council has identified the opportunity to develop Seniors Living units on this site, along with an onsite park and an accessible pathway to a proposed recreation facility on the Golf Course.  

In 2010, Council introduced the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which provides the legislative context for development controls within the Local Government Area.  This is supported by the Development Control Plan (DCP) which applies general and site-specific controls for developments.

In 2013 Council consulted with the community, in accordance with Clause 57 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, on a proposal to amend the planning controls under the LEP 2009 and DCP 2010 for the western part of 266 Longueville Road, Lane Cove and to reclassify the land under the LEP from 'community' to 'operational' land.

These planning amendments would permit seniors living/ retirement accommodation on the former bowling club site, in accordance with the Lane Cove Major Projects Plan 2007-2016.

The following table highlights the significant dates and documents relating to the community consultation and the progress of these planning amendments. 

02 March 2013

An initial Presentation to Neighbours discussed the future development of this site.

Mar 2013

An Information brochure was emailed to neighbours and placed on the website.  A short video on the proposed Sporting Facility was placed on the website

15 April 2013

Council resolved to rezone the site

24 May 2013

Council Staff finalised a Planning Proposal to rezone the site and submitted this to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoPI).  Further information is provided in the background documents below.

26 June 2013

DoPI approved the Planning Proposal for community consultation. This approval allowed the proposal to go to public exhibition.

15 August 2013

The subsequent Presentation to Neighbours discussed a site specific Development Control Plan (DCP)

21 October 2013

Council approved the public exhibition of both the Planning Proposal and the draft DCP

23 October 2013

Public exhibition period commenced

26 November 2013

Public Exhibition period ended

03 December 2013

A Public Hearing was held by an independent Commissioner

10 March 2014

The independent Commissioners Report was presented to Council

17 March 2014

Council resolved to approve the Planning Proposals, subject to amendments

28 March 2014

Amendments submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment (DoPE)

15 April 2014

DoPE reviewed the submitted amendments

Since 15 April 2014

The Department of Planning and Environment is continuing to assess the Planning Proposal. Council is awaiting their final approval.


LEP Amendment

The Planning Proposal seeks to :-

  • Rezone the land (currently RE1 Public Recreation) to R4 High Density Residential,

  • Permit an FSR of 1.1:1 with a maximum height of RL 65.5 across the site which would result in 3 storeys fronting Longueville Road and 7 storeys at the rear of the site.  The development would contain a component of Seniors Living.

  • Reclassify this Council-owned land from 'community' to 'operational' land. 

Public Hearing

A Public Hearing relating to this proposal was held in the Council Chambers at the Lane Cove Civic Centre, 48 Longueville Rd Lane Cove at 5pm on Tuesday 3 December 2013. Council invited those interested to attend this hearing.

The Commissioner submitted the public hearing report to Council on Monday, 10 March 2014.  A copy of the Commissioner’s report and attachments is available below under 'Related Documents'.


Figure 1: The subject site is comprises Lot 1 DP 32153, part of Lot 1 DP 91655 and part of Pt Lot 322 DP1102537.

DCP Amendment

The LEP Planning Proposal is accompanied by a site-specific DCP Amendment which will be integrated into Part C Residential Localities. The proposed controls, including setbacks, landscaping and other design details, support the objectives and intended outcomes of the proposed LEP amendment.

Related Documents

Commissioner's Report and Attachments


What Next?

The final post consultation report on the matter was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 March 2014.  Council resolved to approve the Planning Proposal, subject to amendments regarding the maximum building height, and forward this to the NSW Planning & Infrastructure requesting reclassification

These amendments were submitted to the Department of Planning and Environment.  The planning proposal was formally notified/gazetted by the State Government with changes are effective 31 July 2015.  The site has now been reclassified as Operational Land.

The next stage for 266 Longueville Road will involve Council Staff engaging consultants to assist in a future Development Application for the site.

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