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75 - 79 Lithgow Street / 84-90 Christie Street, St Leonards

LEP Planning Proposal, Partial Road Closure of Lithgow Street, Draft DCP and Draft VPA

Consultation is now closed.

Consultation ran from Thursday, 29 September to Thursday, 10 November 2016.

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Christopher Pelcz – Acting Manager Strategic Planning

Ph: (02) 9911 3627



Council has received a proposal from JBA on behalf of Northern Terrace 88 Pty Ltd for the St Leonards Plaza Precinct (the site) which comprises a number of properties in St Leonards, bounded by Christie Lane to the north, Christie Street to the east, Lithgow Street to the west and commercial development to the south.


The Proposal is for a monetary contribution which will be used to contribute to the delivery of the future St Leonards Plaza and associated works including a new public library, public car park and supermarket space in return for rezoning, an increase in building height and the inclusion of a site specific incentives clause that enables additional floor space ratio across the site.

On 20 April 2015 Council approved the Planning Proposal for submission to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment seeking Gateway approval for public exhibition.  The Planning Proposal was approved by the Department of Planning & Environment on 21 October 2015 for exhibition.

Subsequently, at its meeting of Monday 21 March 2016, it was resolved in part that Council:-

  • Give notice of its intention to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) as outlined in the report with the developer of the subject site and consult the community regarding the proposal.  Following the community consultation period, a further report will be submitted to Council for determination;
  • Approve a Draft DCP, which provides detailed development controls for the site, for public exhibition; and
  • Obtain an independent review of the DCP to be undertaken during exhibition period.


In accordance with the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 & Regulation 2000 and Local Government Act 1993, Council is currently consulting with the community to obtain feedback on three (3) draft plans for the site:-

  • A LEP Planning Proposal which seeks to amend the LEP planning controls for 75-79 Lithgow St / 84-90 Christie St, St Leonards as follows:
    • Rezone the site from B3 Commercial Core to B4 Mixed Use;
    • Increase the building height to a maximum of RL 224 metres;
    • Permit a total floor space ratio (FSR) of 17.6:1, using a bonus FSR mechanism, in return for public benefits. Allowing:-
      • An additional FSR of 2:1 for providing a supermarket with public parking, and
      • An additional FSR of up to 1.6:1 for site amalgamation of shops at 546-564 Pacific Highway, adjacent to the site, for a new commercial building.

It is noted that:

  • A partial road closure of Lithgow Street required in order to facilitate the St Leonards Plaza, is also proposed as part of these LEP amendments. 
  • The proposed built form controls are to ensure relative consistency with other mixed use developments in the vicinity.  
  • Ministerial delegation has not been issued to Council for this proposal. 
  • A Draft Development Control Plan to provide detailed development controls specifically in relation to the façade articulation facing the Rail Plaza, setbacks relating to Christie Lane, other roads and the inner courtyard, retail activation on surrounding streets, promoting pedestrian links through the site and towards Christie Street South Park, appropriate building separation for amenity, floor space ratio and height incentives relating to public benefits in the form of contributions to the public Rail Plaza, a supermarket, a public car park and a fully commercial redevelopment on the Highway, façade articulation and public domain improvements for Christie Lane. The DCP would be supplemented by generic provisions under DCP 2010 and SEPP 65's residential guidelines.

Additional information on all of the above items can be found in the background documents section below.

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What's Next

At its Meeting of 15 May 2017, Council resolved to seek finalisation of Local Environmental Plan Amendment No. 20 for 75-79 Lithgow Street and 84-90 Christie Street, St Leonards (known as Site A) This includes:-

  1. Adopt an amended Planning Proposal to:-

a.    Rezone Site A, part of Lithgow Street and Christie Lane from B3 Commercial Core to B4 Mixed Use.

b.    Increase the building heights of Site A to a maximum of RL 227.4 metres (east tower) and RL 166.8 metres (west tower).

c.    Provide a Floor Space Ratio bonus mechanism to a maximum of 17.6:1 on Site A to allow for:-

  1. An additional FSR of 2:1 for providing public car parking in association with the full size supermarket on site; and
  2. An additional FSR of up to 1.6:1 for site amalgamation of 546-564 Pacific Highway (Site B), adjacent to the site, for a new commercial building to be constructed concurrently with Site A.

d.    Include a non-residential floor space ratio for Site A which must not be less than 2.5:1, however if Site B is amalgamated, this can be reduced to 1.5:1.

  1. Remove the FSR that currently applies to the portion of land in Lithgow Street;
  2. In accordance with the Planning Proposal, enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement in respect of the land.
  3. Council's DCP to incorporate site specific controls for Site A and Site B.