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Proposed Amendments to Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 2009

Consultation is now closed.

Consultation ran from Thursday, 17 November 2016 to Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Christopher Pelcz – Acting Manager Strategic Planning

Ph: (02) 9911 3627



A report was presented to Council in July 2015 proposing to make amendments to LEP 2009 on such matters as zone boundaries, dual occupancies, road reservations, heritage listings, editing of text and mapping historical anomalies, alignment of floor space and height controls and other matters. At that meeting, Council resolved to defer the matter pending further consideration at a Councillor Workshop. 

Following the Councillor Workshop on 14 September 2015, a final report was presented to Council at the December 2015 Ordinary Council Meeting where Council resolved to adopted a range of proposed amendments for the purpose of public exhibition subject to approval to do so from the Department of Planning and Environment.  Approval from the Department was issued on 6 July 2015, subject to some additional amendments which were submitted and confirmed as satisfactory in advice to Council on 24 August 2016.


In accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 & Regulation 2000 and the Local Government Act 1993, Council is consulting with the community on various amendments to the Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2009.  Ministerial delegation has been issued to Council for this proposal.

The proposed LEP amendments seek to:-

  • Provide additional permissible land uses in both IN2 Light Industrial & R4 High Density Residential zones.
  • Update existing LEP clauses to:- 
    • Prohibit strata subdivision of dual occupancies;
    • Amend the "Height of buildings" objectives to provide a better balance between new & existing development;
    • Amend the "Floor Space Ratio" clause  to exclude the access handle area of a battle-axe lot from FSR calculations; and
    • Amend the "Acid Sulfate Soils" clause to ensure consistency with the Standard Instrument provisions;
  • Remove nominated items from the Environmental Heritage Schedule;
  • Reserve portions of Environmental Conservation land for acquisition;
  • Apply an 'Environmental Protection' layer to land adjoining Stringybark Creek; and
  • Correct mapping anomalies on nominated sites.

For further information please view the related documents below. These documents are also available for viewing at the Lane Cove Civic Centre, Lane Cove Library and Greenwich Library.

Related Documents      

Gateway Determination

* confirmed as satisfactory by NSW Planning & Environment in advice to Council on 24 August 2016.

Council Reports

What's Next

A further report addressing any submissions received during the consultation period will be prepared for consideration by Council at an upcoming Council meeting.