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Council's Draft Social Media Policy

This consultation is now closed.

Consultation ran from 30 August to 10 October 2018


Manager – Communications and Events
Ph: (02) 9911 3616



Council seeks to foster a connected community through improving its approach to digital communications to help increase the opportunities to implement priorities in the recently adopted Liveable Lane Cove 2035.

To assist with the opportunity to foster a more connected community, a Draft Social Media Policy has been developed.  This will ensure a consistent approach to engagement on Council-run social media. The Draft Policy also provides clarification on the use of social media by staff, Councillors and others involved in Council business including Committee Members and volunteers.

What Next?

Community feedback received in relation to the Social Media Policy was reviewed and incorporated into a Report presented to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 15 October 2018.  At that meeting it was resolved that Council:-

  • Adopt the Social Media Policy dated 15 October 2018.         

The Minutes for this meeting are now available.

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