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Runs from Friday 16 May
to Friday 27 June 2014


Councils Transport Planner
Ph: (02) 9911 3584

​Draft DCP Part R - Traffic, Transport and Parking



The Development Control Plan (DCP), which supports our Local Environmental Plan (LEP) by providing detailed development controls for developments within the Lane Cove Local Government Area (LGA), was introduced on 22 February 2010.  Council is consulting with the community in accordance with Clause 74C of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act on a proposal to amend the Development Control Plan 2010 (DCP) by including an addition section - Part R: Traffic, Transport and Parking. 


Traffic, transport and parking provisions are currently scattered throughout the DCP and can be difficult for developers and the general public to find and follow.  Additionally, these provisions are inadequate for what is a rapidly developing Local Government Area (LGA). Traffic issues associated with recent local population growth require Council to ensure new development is aligned with current thinking on sustainable transport and land use planning.

Part R: Traffic, Transport and Parking:-

  • provides detailed guidance for applicants and transport consultants on how to conduct a robust assessment of their development; and

  • strengthens and consolidates existing provisions to improve transport outcomes for Lane Cove.

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 What Next

Council considered a post consultation report on this matter at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 15 September 2014 where they resolved to "Adopt the amended Draft DCP Part R: Traffic, Transport and Parking dated September 2014 attached as AT-1 subject to amending the car parking rates near St Leonards railway station to, 1 space per 100m2 for commercial office or business premises and the residential parking rate to 2 spaces per 3+ bedroom unit."