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​Policy on the Expenses and Facilities for Councillors

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Consultation ran from Monday 26 October 2020 to 5pm, Monday 7 December 2020.

NSW Councils are required to have a policy for the provision of facilities and payment of expenses to Councillors.  Lane Cove Council’s policy was amended in July 2018 to better meet the requirements of the Division for Local Government’s guidelines on this policy.

This policy has now been amended by Resolution 149 of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 19 October 2020:- 


RESOLVED on the motion of Councillors Brent and Bennison that Council:-

1.    Representing the whole of the Lane Cove community, declares it has no tolerance for intimidating, threatening or psychologically abusive behaviour, or behaviour that entices hatred and results in damage of privately owned or public property, and that personally targets elected representatives and officials of Lane Cove Council. Standing for office or being elected to one should not entail being the subject of such behaviours in our community. 

2.    Modify its 'Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors Policy' to include, where the General Manager thinks necessary, provision of security measures for a Councillor and if necessary undertake community consultation.

For the Motion were Councillors Palmer, Bennison, Brent, Brooks-Horn, Strassberg, Vissel, Zbik and Morris (Total 8).

Against the Motion was Nil (Total 0).


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