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Have Your Say Alcohol Prohibited Areas and Alcohol-Free Zone

Have Your Say on Proposed Alcohol Prohibited Areas and Alcohol Free Zones:

Parks and Commercial Areas and New Years Eve

Consultation is now closed.

Consultation ran from Friday 25 September 2020 to Friday 6 November 2020.  

  • Parks and Reserves - Proposed AFZ/APAs - 8pm - 8am

  • Lane Cove CBD and St Leonards CBD - 24 Hours

Following a number of alcohol related incidents in local parks and reserves, Council proposes to declare all  parks, reserves and adjacent streets within the Lane Cove LGA as Alcohol Prohibited Areas (APA) and Alcohol-Free Zones (AFZ).

In order to ensure that the amenity of the locality is maintained, it is proposed that the restrictions be implemented for all parks & reserves between 8:00pm and 8:00am, and within the St Leonard's and Lane Cove commercial areas (24 hours per day) from 31 December to the 1 January, commencing in 2020.

Council is currently undertaking consultation to determine the community's views on this proposal which is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 632A and Section 644 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

A full list of the of the parks, reserves and streets impacted by the proposal is available in the background documents.

New Years Eve

Following community consultation in 2015, Council resolved to establish APA’s in all parks and reserves and AFZ’s in the streets surrounding these reserves that are in proximity of Sydney Harbour/Lane Cove River for 4 years (maximum period allowed).

As these zones expired on the 1 January 2020, it is recommended that public consultation be undertaken with a view to renewing these APA’s and AFZ’s for a further 4 years from 31 December 2020 to 1 January 2025.


Background documents: