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Plan to Rezone Open Space in the Mowbray Precinct

This consultation is now closed.

The consultation period ran from Thursday, 13 September 2018 to Wednesday 24 October 2018.


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What's Next?

Community views and submissions regarding the Planning Proposal No 27 - Open Space Rezonings - 10 -20 Pinaroo Place, 1 Girraween Avenue and 552 Mowbray Road, were summarised in a Report to Council.  At the Ordinary Council Meeting of 3 December 2018 Council resolved to proceed with the Planning Proposal as exhibited.  Council will now develop a Development Control Plan for the Giraween Avenue site.  The LEP Amendments are currently being finalised by the Department of Planning and Environment.  


Background to the Proposed Rezoning  

In 2010, the Department of Planning & Infrastructure rezoned the Mowbray precinct to R4 High Density Residential. In total, more than 1,500 dwellings will potentially be built in the precinct, creating a need for more open space for the residents of the precinct.

At the time Council raised the lack of additional Open Space with the Department who agreed to co-fund with Council a strategic review in 2011-12, which was undertaken by JBA Planning. To deliver the much needed open space for the precinct, the report included the following recommendation -

"It is recommended that Council and Housing NSW consider a land swap with respect to Council's existing open space at No. 1 Girraween Avenue (1,332m2) and Housing NSW's residential land at No 10-20 Pinaroo Place (2,588m2) (sic). The benefits of this land swap are that would:

  • Provide a larger, more useable open space recreation area for the Study Area at No. 10-20 Pinaroo Place that is integrated with the existing open space at 18 Mindarie Street and Batten Reserve (see Figure 35). The open space could be embellished with new facilities such as children's play equipment, sun shading, seating and community BBQs; and
  • Allow No. 1 Girraween Avenue to be developed for residential purposes (R4) and for it to be developed as part of any redevelopment of the existing Housing NSW property at No. 562 Mowbray Road West. This would provide a more regular development parcel and greater incentive to redevelop this ageing building".


Zone Map.PNG 

Since April 2013 Council has been in discussions with the Department of Planning and Housing NSW (NSW Land and Housing Corporation) about Council acquiring the land. Council has now reached an agreement, which will see the following changes to Open Space in the precinct.

SiteAreaCurrent UseFuture Use
1 Girraween Avenue-1,328m2PlaygroundHigh Density Units
10-20 Pinaroo Place4,255 m2House/sPark
Pinaroo Place Road Reserve450 m2Cul-de-sacPark
552 Mowbray Road697 m2HousePlayground
Total Increase in Open Space4070 m2  


Council in 2017 prepared a design for the new park which will be named Mindarie Park (a copy of the design is available on Council's website). When combined with the existing small park known as Kullah Parade Playground (1300 m2), the total area of Mindarie Park will be 6005 m2.


Council has consulted with the community on Planning Proposal 27 which seeks to amend the Local Environmental Plan to ensure additional open space is provided in the Mowbray Road Precinct.

The amendments seek to:-

  1. Remove the identification of 10 - 20 Pinaroo Place on Council's Land Reservation Acquisition Map (as this land has now been acquired for the new Mindarie Park);

  2. Rezone the public reserve at 1 Girraween Avenue, Lane Cove North, from RE1 Public Recreation to R4 High Density Residential with a height limit of 17.5m and FSR of 1.6:1;

  3. Commence a process to reclassify the public reserve at 1 Girraween Avenue, Lane Cove North from Community Land to Operational Land; and

  4. Rezone 552 Mowbray Road from R4 High Density to RE1 Public Recreation.

For further information please view the Background Documents below.

Background Documents

Report on the Public Hearing on 14 November 2018

Excerpt from 2011 Master Plan         

Original Council request to LEP Gateway Panel

Planning Proposal       

Gateway Determination correspondence

Gateway Determination

Concept Drawings (L&HC)

Data accompanying drawings                                    

Sun Study

RFS Letter 

Dept Planning Letter re RFS Condition       

SEPP65 Compliance Memo


Council Reports and Resolutions

Council Report - 21 August 2017 

Council Resolution - 21 August 2017

Council Report - 18 June 2018 

Council Resolution - 18 June 2018 

Council Report - 3 December 2018

Council Resolution - 3 December 2018


Council is committed to protecting your personal information and will manage your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.  Any submission received may be made available to the public in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 subject to public interest considerations and the removal of personal contact information, personal financial or commercial information and health and medical information.