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Implementation of Legislation to Manage Boat Trailer Parking

Community Consultation is now closed.

This consultation ran from 11 May to the 21 June 2017


David Wilson
Manager – Environmental Services
Ph: (02) 9911 3613


Council consulted with the community following legislative changes that grant councils the power to enforce boat trailer parking restrictions.   
The changes to the Impounding Act, 1993 were developed to discourage the long-term parking of unattended registered boat trailers on public roads, often by people who do not live in the local area. By encouraging off-street storage of boat trailers, existing on-street parking spaces will become more available for local residents. 
Under the Act Council is able to implement tighter management arrangements in relation to registered boat trailers that may otherwise be parking lawfully on public roads. The new legislation relates only to registered boat trailers - registered box trailers and caravans are not included.
Before expressing interest to the Office of Local Government to participate in the scheme, Council sought the community's feedback on the issue of boat trailer parking in the Lane Cove area.
Under the scheme boat trailers would be required to be moved at least every 28 days and must move at least one street block. If the boat trailer does not move, Council must provide the registered owner with 15 days' notice before it can impound the trailer. Council would also have the option of establishing a charge for the release of an impounded item. 
Lane Cove Council's current Resident Parking Permit Scheme's only apply to cars and motorcycles and do not provide for the issuing of Parking Permits for boat trailers or vehicles over 3 tonnes, as these vehicles move regularly and spaces are freed up for others to use.

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What's Next

A further report addressing any submissions received during the consultation period was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 July 2017 where Council resolved to:-

  1. Endorse the implementation of provisions of the Impounding Act 1993 introduced by the Impounding amendment (Unattended Boat Trailers) Act 2015, which allows Councils to take impounding action against owners of boat trailers parked continuously on a street for more than 28 days;
  2. Declare the Lane Cove Local Government Area, from 1 September 2017 to be for the purpose of Section 15A (1) of the Impounding Act 1993;
  3. Give notice as required in the NSW Government Gazette and undertake a public information campaign, including notifying those who make a submission of Council’s decision.

A review is to be undertaken after 12 months.