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Proposed Closure of Pedestrian Laneway at 25-27 Longueville Road

Community Consultation is now closed.

This consultation ran from 20 October to 18 November 2016.


Evan Singer
Property Officer
Ph.: (02) 9911 3638


Council is in receipt of a proposal for the redevelopment of 25-29 Longueville Road, Lane Cove.  As part of the redevelopment, it is proposed to close the  existing 900mm wide pedestrian laneway between 25-27 Longueville Road and create a new pathway within a publicly accessible easement at 29 Longueville Road as illustrated on the plan.  This would result in the community having the benefit of an accessible and wider footpath area for access to Longueville Road from Taylors Lane, along with enhanced lighting and landscape improvements. 

In accordance with Section 35 of the Roads Act 1993, public notice that the Minister for Lands and Water will consider the closing of the existing pedestrian laneway was published in the North Shore Times on 20 October 2016. 

Regarding the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, information contained in such submissions may, at the discretion of Lane Cove Council and NSW Department of Primary Industries – Lands, be referred to the person(s) who initiated the proposal for appropriate consideration.

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What's Next

All submissions received has been referred to the Minister's delegate for a decision regarding the proposed road closing. A post consultation report will be considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 20 February 2017.