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Osborne Park Traffic Study

Consultation is now closed

Consultation ran from 15 April 2015 to 27 May 2015.

Post Consultation ran from 9 July 2015 to 24 July 2015.


In response to frequent concerns raised in relation to traffic and parking issues in the Osborne Park/Gore Hill area of Lane Cove, Council has commissioned a qualified consultant to undertake a suburb-wide study to determine the nature and extent of the traffic and parking problems in the area and offer detailed recommendations to alleviate these problems.
Through a series of parking and traffic surveys as well as resident consultation undertaken by Council's consultants, the following issues were identified in the study area:

  • Commuter parking in local streets;
  • Lack of parking for visitors and trades people;
  • Hindered access for vehicles in particular waste collection and bus services;
  • Reduced visibility for turning and oncoming traffic; and
  • Vehicles parking close to intersections

RecommendationsOsborne Park - High Occupancy Streets.png

At its meeting on 17 March 2015, Council endorsed the following recommendations derived from the traffic study to address the identified issues.

Recommendation 1: Time restricted 3P Parking on one side of the street and unrestricted parking on the adjacent side.

  • This option is only proposed for streets outlined in Table 1 which were identified as streets with a high parking demand/occupancy.
  • The option will leave one side of the street unrestricted for all day parking whilst having time restricted 3P parking on the adjacent side of the street for short-term visitors. 
  • Unrestricted parking will be provided along the side of the street with dwellings. Where both sides of the street have dwellings, unrestricted parking is to be provided on the side with the least number of driveways.
  • This option allows for a balance between commuter and resident parking on High Occupancy Parking streets.
  • All existing parking restrictions including resident permit parking will be removed.

Recommendation 2 – General Improvements

In addition, general recommendations have also been identified to improve access for waste collection and the parking and traffic congestion in the study area. These recommendations are outlined below:       

  1. Install statutory 10metre 'No Stopping' signs on the corners of streets, particularly where vehicles are parking close to the corners, to ensure that the turning path remains clear for buses and waste collection services;
  2. Install a 30m Bus Zone Monday to Saturday starting half an hour prior to the first bus and finishing half an hour after the last bus, at the bus stops along Ronald Avenue. This will allow a 12.5m bus the length as necessary to stop alongside the kerb without blocking the flow of traffic;
  3. Install a 'No U-Turn' sign in Greenwich Road at the intersection of Bellevue Avenue to prevent vehicles undertaking u-turns; and
  4. Regularly prune vegetation in the study area, particularly along the bus route, to a height which allows a heavy vehicle to pass through the street and carry out its function in a safe manner, specifically at the following locations:-
    • Wisdom Road;
    • Kingslangley Road;
    • Osborne Road;
    • Bellevue Avenue;
    • Kimberley Avenue;
    • Cobden Avenue;
    • Angus Avenue;
    • Allison Avenue;
    • Ronald Avenue; and
    • Innes Road.

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What's Next?

A report addressing issues raised throughout the consultation period was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 15 June 2015 where Council resolved to adopt several recommendations containted in the Luxmore Report. Furthermore, Council resolved to further survey affected residents about the proposed timed parking restrictions in the area. This survey was conducted from 9 July 2015 to 24 July 2015. A post consultation report was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 August 2015. Where Council adopted, among other things, 3P parking with Permit Holders Accepted on one side of affect streets.