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Proposal for a Draft Development Control Plan Amendment for Birdwood Lane

Consultation is open.

This consultation will run from Friday 6 November 2020 to Thursday 17 December 2020.


Strategic Planning



Council is consulting with the community on an amendment to the Lane Cove Development Control Plan (DCP) to control the development of Birdwood Lane adjacent to The Canopy in Lane Cove.


In May 2019, Aurecon was engaged to undertake a Streetscape Project investigating Rosenthal/Birdwood Lane, Sera Street and Pottery Lane with a view to creating DCP controls for each sub-precinct. The Rosenthal/Birdwood Lane sub-precinct is the first of these three DCP amendments.


This draft DCP amendment for Birdwood Lane and adjacent land is proposed for inclusion in Council's DCP. It will be inserted under Part D Commercial and Mixed-Use Localities - Locality 6 – Birdwood Lane.

For further information please view the Background Documents further below.  

Description of the Proposed DCP Plan

The draft DCP Amendment aims "to create a shared urban space that connects, promotes and contributes to the social, cultural and fine grain urban fabric of the Lane Cove Village". It addresses:pic.png

  • Built form (setbacks, height, facades, materials, glazing, activation, permeability, awnings);

  • Land uses;

  • Arcades;

  • Visual connections between spaces (safety, orientation, signage);

  • Pedestrian desire lines – linkages and connections (incl. thru links/midblock connections);

  • Parking and vehicle movements including service vehicles; and,

  • Public domain including landscaping, public art, outdoor dining, paving and street furniture.

Points of interest

  • Rosenthal Lane has been renamed as the southern leg extension of Birdwood Lane (the pedestrian link into the Plaza loses the superfluous name Birdwood Lane);
  • New buildings have laneway frontage setback of three metres at ground level;
  • Only retail uses are to be provided at ground floor level in new developments fronting Birdwood Lane;
  • New buildings are to address Birdwood Lane with active edges (such as doors, windows, shops and outdoor seating) and a canopy/cover (except the southern leg); 
  • Wayfinding is considered for arcades and thru links/midblock connections;
  • In lieu of on-site parking for commercial or shop-top housing, Council may accept a cash contribution. The number of loading zones along Birdwood Lane should be minimised; and,
  • Paving that suggests pedestrian priority (including driveways) including speed control devices as recommended.


Have Your Say

You can have your say on this plan by making a submission to the General Manager quoting the reference 'Proposed DCP Plan for Birdwood Lane - SU7892' by:

Written submissions will be received by Council until 5pm Thursday, 17 December, 2020.

For further assistance please contact Council's Strategic Planner, Terry Tredrea on 9911 3580.

Keep informed

If you would like to be kept informed about the formal progress of this proposal following the consultation period, please submit your email address.  Alternatively, you can check the 'Previous Consultations' section of the website at any time after the consultation closes for updated information in relation to this or any past consultation item.

Background Documents                                          


Council is committed to protecting your personal information and will manage your submission in accordance with our privacy policy.  Any submission received may be made available to the public in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 subject to public interest considerations and the removal of personal contact information, personal financial or commercial information and health and medical information.