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Proposed Road Closure - Access Road to 296 Burns Bay Road

The creation of Lot 101 in DP 10103285 was intended to provide for additional road capacity to Burns Bay Road. This lot is shown on the deposited Plan for road widening and on registration of the plan became public road. The road currently provides access to the rear of 296 Burns Bay Road but does not physically link through to Burns Bay Road 

Improvements to accessing properties in this area was made by signalising the intersection adjacent to 296 Burns Bay Road.

With increased residential development happening in the area it is now proposed to acquire and demolish the commercial property at 296 Burns Bay Road to allow for road intersection improvements as indicated on the map of the area.

Once demolished, most of Lot 101 DP 1013285 will no longer be needed as public road. The area no longer required and proposed to be closed is also indicated on the map of the area. Once closed, the closed road lot will be amalgamated with adjacent Council owned land.

For more information or to have your say on this proposal please view the Information Sheet.