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Proposed Voluntary Planning Agreement

7-15 Centennial Avenue and 92-96 Gordon Crescent Lane Cove


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Ran from Friday 8 November 2013 to 5pm Thursday 5 December 2013


Manager - Governance
Ph: (02) 9911 3525


Council received a proposal from HYECORP Property Group for 7-15 Centennial Avenue and 92-96 Gordon Crescent, Lane Cove. The proposal is to transfer land at 15 Centennial Avenue to Council to form part of the Stringybark Creek Reserve in return for transferring the floor space of this property to the adjacent development at 7-13 Centennial Avenue.

HYCORP Property Group seeks to transfer the permitted floor space ratio (FSR) applicable to 15 Centennial Avenue to land and buildings at 7-13 Centennial Avenue and 92-96 Gordon Crescent to provide 31 additional residential dwellings. In return Council would received the land at 15 Centennial Avenue free of cost in addition to a cash contribution of $175,000 which will be utilised to remove the existing dwelling and regenerate the area providing a continuation of Stringy Bark Reserve.

The advantage to the community is that it will acquire 1530sqm of land to allow the extension of Stringy Bark Reserve and preserve the established vegetation and ecological value to the community.

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What Next?

The Proposed Voluntary Planning Agreement was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 16 December 2013. Council resolved to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement for 7-15 Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove. Upon acquisition Council has committed to rezoning the site to E2 - Environmental Conservation and classifying the land as Community Land.