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Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement for 46 - 54 Gordon Crescent and 552 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove North

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Ran from Wednesday 17 September to Wednesday 15 October 2014 (5pm) 


Council's Executive Manager – Corporate Services
Ph: (02) 9911 3510


Council has received a proposal from CE Concepts No2 Pty Ltd for 46-54 Gordon Crescent (Lot 1-5, DP27911) and 552 Mowbray Road (Lot 5, DP10892). The proposal is to transfer land at 552 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove North to Council in return for transferring the permitted floor space ratio of this property to the adjacent development at 46-54 Gordon Crescent.

At its meeting of Monday 18 August 2014, it was resolved in part that Council give notice of its intention to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) as outlined in the report with the developer of the subject site and consult the community regarding the proposal.  Following the community consultation period, a further report will be submitted to Council for determination.


CE Concepts No 2 Pty Ltd (the proponent) seeks to transfer the permitted floor space ratio (FSR) applicable to 552 Mowbray Road to land and buildings at 46-54 Gordon Crescent to provide 14 additional residential dwellings.  In return Council would receive the land free of costs for open space purposes.

The land has an area of 697sqm and if not acquired by the Developer or Council direct, would result in a single dwelling being surrounded on three sides by multi unit apartment buildings. The proposed VPA provides the opportunity for a good planning outcome by removing an isolated dwelling and assists Council in meeting its objective of providing more open space and community facilities in the Mowbray precinct.

It is noted that Council would be responsible for the cost of developing the site for community use including removal of the single dwelling on the site. The contribution made via the VPA would be in addition to Council's existing s.94 Contributions for the development site.

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 What's Next?

A report addressing issues raised throughout the consultation period was considered at the Ordinary Council Meeting of 17 November 2014 where Council resolved in part to proceed with the Voluntary Planning Agreement with CE Concepts No2 Pty Ltd in respect of 552 Mowbray Road and 46-54 Gordon Crescent, outlined in this report, noting Council’s preference for Child Care facilities for the area, and on the condition that the building height does not exceed more than one (1) metre above the existing allowable building height of 14.5m excluding lift overruns.  To find out more you can view Council's resolution in relation to this item.