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Review of Council Ward Boundaries - West and Central Ward boundary


Consultation is now closed

This consultation ran to Thursday, 14 November 2019.


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What's next?

Community submissions have been received and will be assessed and a Report will be prepared for a future meeting of Council.


The NSW Electoral Commissioner requires Council to monitor the number of electors enrolled in each Council ward to ensure that there is no more than a 10% variance between the number of electors in each ward.  

The number of electors in Lane Cove is increasing, with the highest rate of increase occurring within West Ward, resulting in a variance of electors of approximately 18.9% between West and Central Wards. 

To overcome the variance, and in preparation for the September 2020 election, Council is proposing that a portion of the West Ward be transferred into Central Ward. The highlighted section shown in the maps below illustrates the proposal.

The adjustment involves transferring electors from an area generally bounded by Best Street down to 280 Burns Bay Road and transferring those electors from West Ward to Central Ward. This will result in a variance of approximately 6% in the number of electors between West and Central Wards. No changes are proposed to the East Ward boundary.


Submissions closed 5pm on Thursday, 14 November 2019.


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