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Local Parking Areas


Lane Cove Market Square Car Park

The largest Council car park in Lane Cove, Market Square Car Park has been the focus of a number of recent improvements by Council.

What has changed?

From 22 October two exit lanes will be in operation. Once the new ticketless parking system goes live, these two lanes will operate as follows:

Express Lane –under three hours or already paid at a pay machine

Pay Lane –stayed over three hours and forgot to pay at a pay machine

As drivers approach the exit they will be able to choose their preferred lane and then slow for licence plate recognition. There are no boomgates upon exit, fines will apply to those who exit without paying.

New signage will be in place to help remind customers to check the duration of their stay at the pay machines located on P1 and P2. Together with improved licence plate technology, the twin lane exit will help improve the operation of this popular car park.

There are still 300 spaces available and it will remain free to enter after 6:00pm each day. Plus, seven additional motorcycle bays have been added.

At this stage the twin exits will operate without a pay feature until such time as the new ticketless system goes live.

Why have the changes been made?

The community and Council have experienced frustrations with the delays caused when issues have occurred with the single-exit boomgate. Delays at this boomgate have been further compounded at peak times and due to the high turnover of the car park. Market Square turns over more than 10 times its capacity on a daily basis which by industry standards is very high.

Given that close to 90% of the people using the car park stay under 3 hours, Council has now provided a twin lane exit to provide an Express Lane option as well as a Pay Lane option. There will also be no boomgates at the exit, the exits will use licence plate recognition systems to recognise those who do not pay before exiting. Being a Council car park there is the opportunity to fine customers who do not pay before exiting, a process not possible in privately owned car parks. Council will be introducing a way for customers to pay if they forgot and realise upon exiting. After this period expires, fines may be issued.

While Council has been working on these improvements a number of car park users have been overstaying without paying. With the new system in place these customers are reminded that if they stay over 3 hours they are to pay before exiting as fines will soon apply.

 Helpful Hints

  • All customers are encouraged to note their time of entry and check their duration of stay at pay machines on P1 and P2
  • Peak times often coincide with morning and afternoon school drop-offs. It is recommended that you leave sufficient time to exit the car park at these times.

Other Local Parking Options

Council manages and maintains a number of off street public car parking areas in St Leonards, Lane Cove Village and Lane Cove West (Beatrice Street). 

The main location of off-street parking in Lane Cove Village includes:

Civic Centre
Central Avenue
Little Street
Market Square
69 Longueville Road

The Rosenthal Project is currently underway which involves transforming the previous 170 surface level car park into a brand new open space with 500 underground parking spaces. To find out more visit

Download a map of Lane Cove Village parking options including public car parks and disabled parking space locations.