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Composting and Worm Farming


Lane Cove throws away 19 tonnes of rubbish every day. On average, 40% of rubbish sent to land fill is food waste. You can make a difference by composting your food scraps or by using a worm farm.

Apart from reducing the amount of waste leaving Lane Cove, composting and worm farming have many benefits for the environment such as:

  • improving soil structure;
  • increasing the ability of soil to retain moisture; and
  • reducing weed emergence and erosion. 

Further information about composting and worm farming is available below. 

Love Food Hate Waste                                  

Love Food Hate Waste was launched by the Office of Environment and Heritage in May 2010. The program aims to raise awareness of the environmental impact of food waste and help residents to reduce their food waste by buying, cooking and saving food better.

To find more on how to waste less food, save your money and the environment, go to the NSW EPA's Love Food Hate Waste website.


Compost and Worm Farms

Lane Cove Council has partnered with Compost Revolution to make it easier for the community to learn how to compost and worm farm by offering online tutorials. Visit their website to order your compost bin or worm farm today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a compost bin or worm farm?

On average 40% of waste created in the home consists of food scraps! Composting and worm farming transform these waste food scraps into a natural fertiliser that will enrich the soil.

Rubbish tips in Sydney are rapidly filling up and the cost of waste disposal is increasing. Composting and worm farming helps reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Which do I need - a compost bin or a worm farm?

A key consideration is that a compost bin needs both food scraps and garden waste to work effectively, while a worm farm can only take food scraps. Worm farms are perfect for people with limited space.

How do I compost or worm farm?

Download one of these easy-to-read guides from the Office of Environment and Heritage

Where can I get a compost bin or worm farm?

Take the Compost Revolution quiz above to recieve your free compost bin or worm farm. You only pay the delivery costs, which are generally $20.

Please contact Customer Service on 9911 3555 for further information.

If you need more live worms, they are available at most nurseries and cost approximately $50 per 1000 worms.

What else can I do to reduce food waste going to landfill?

It is better to reduce the food waste your household produces in the first instance. Proper menu planning, safe food storage practices and using up leftovers can ensure that you waste less food.  Instead of throwing all your lawn clippings and leaves into the Green Bin, you can place them in the compost to help balance the mix of food scraps!  For tips on reducing food waste visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

For more information about composting and worm farming contact Council's Waste and Environmental Education Officer on 9911 3507.