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Free Collection And Re-homing Service


Council has partnered with The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to collect or re-home unwanted goods that are still in usable condition. Too often, items going to landfill via council clean-up could still be used by someone else.

What is The Bower?

The Bower is an environmental charity dedicated to reducing useful items from going to landfill.

What items does The Bower take?

The Bower accepts household furniture, bikes, some electronic appliances, small quantities of building materials, bric-a-brac, kitchenware and books.

How do I book a FREE collection from The Bower?

By telephone: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm, on 9568 6280.

By email: – send a photo of the item you wish to have collected and include your name, contact details and suburb.

What happens when I call The Bower?

When you call The Bower, the staff there will ask a range of questions to establish if they are able to take your items directly, such as "what are the goods made from", "how many items", "how much space do they take up" (roughly a couple of milk crates, or would it fill a trailer). If it is an item The Bower cannot directly accept, they will attempt to provide a solution by referring you to alternative organisations.

What items doesn't The Bower accept?

The Bower cannot accept mattresses, furniture made using chipboard or MDF, dirty/ripped/stained lounges and sofas, washing machines and dishwashers, old bulky televisions, baby/children's items - cots, prams, toys, kitchen fitouts and large goods - stoves, microwaves, large fridges and freezers, pianos and organs, fitness equipment, for example walking machines, encyclopaedias and magazines.

What if The Bower won't accept my items?

The Bower has a database with over 1,000 organisations listed that may take those items. They will refer you to the most appropriate organisation for your item. Key examples are mattresses, fabric and haberdashery items and excess building materials.

Do I have to wait for a collection?

No. If your unwanted items are small enough to fit into your car, you can take them directly to The Bower.

Where is The Bower?

The Bower is located in both Marrickville and Parramatta.

Parramatta: Hunter Street Shop 1/10

Marrickville: Hut 34, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville. Located towards the rear of the Addison Road Community Centre Complex.​

The Bower won't take your items?

If the Bower don't accept your item, try fixing items yourself with the help of the Lane Cove Repair Cafe or giving away or selling on Gumtree, ebay or Freecycle. Council has created user guides to help you navigate these websites.