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What Can Be Recycled?


Residents are provided with both blue paper and yellow containers reycling bins. ​For information on what is accepted in this kerbside service please visit Council's Recycling webpage.

Council collaborates with many different organisations to ensure that residents have the option of recycling items that may not be recycled through our kerbside collection service. Some of these programs are listed below.

Kerbside Blue and Yellow Recycling Bins

Council has a detailed list of what is accepted in your blue and yellow recycling bins.

Download our Recycling At Home in Lane Cove poster for a detailed description of how to correctly dispose of various household items.

Other Reycling Options

Plastic Bags and Soft Plastic Recycling

Coles Supermarkets Redcycle plastic bag and packaging recycling program provides customers with an opportunity to return their plastic bags and packaging to specially marked bins at the front of participating stores, which are then turned into outdoor furniture for Aussie primary schools and pre-schools.

  • Types of soft plastics

    • Shopping bags including reusable 'green’ bags
    • Fresh fruit and vegie bags
    • Bread bags
    • Biscuit packaging and confectionery packaging
    • Rice & pasta packets and frozen food bags

For more information visit the Coles website at

There is also a soft plastics collection bin at the bottom of the escalator of the Lane Cove Plaza Woolworths.

Used Coffee Pod, Toothbrush and Beauty Products Recycling Collection Boxes

To maximise the amount we recycle as a community, Council is promoting a unique waste collection service for coffee pods, used toothbrushes and associated dental items, and used beauty product items.

Council currently has three seperate collection bins in the Foyer of the Civic Centre for used dentals items, coffee bods, as well as used beauty care items. Below is a list of what is accepted in each bin.

Oral Care Bin: Used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, caps and packaging and floss containers

Used Coffee Pods Bin: Used Nescafe coffee pods

Used Beauty Products Bin: Used beauty products including shampoo, conditioner and face wash containers, used mascara tubes, makeup brushes, eyeshadow and makeup powder containers. Full list available on TerraCycle website.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto has teamed up with TerraCycle to give coffee pods a second life. Watch the video to see exactly how the program works. Pure Flowers Florist in Lane Cove host a collection bin for your used coffee pods so feel free to drop off your used coffee pods in store during business hours.

These collection boxes are run by TerraCycle, a company eliminating the idea of waste by recycling the "non-recyclable". TerraCycle offers a range of free programs that are funded by conscientious companies, as well as recycling solutions available for purchase for almost every form of waste. Find more information on TerraCycle's circular approach to repurposing waste or order your own collection box via their website.


Statistics and research suggest there are over 27, 000 mobiles in the households of the Lane Cove area. Of these, 13, 000 are deemed to be surplus to requirements and ready to recycle.

You can drop off you old mobile phones and chargers at the following locations in Lane Cove:

  • Lane Cove Council, 48 Longueville Road Lane Cove
  • 3 Shop, Ground Floor 207 Pacific Hwy St Leonards
  • Access Mobile Solution, 103 Longueville Road Lane Cove
  • ANZ Bank, 17 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove
  • ANZ Bank, 207 Pacific Hwy St Leonards
  • Free Phone, 64 Dickson Ave Artarmon

You can also download a reply-paid label so that you can send your mobile phone to MobileMuster by post.

For further information visit

Battery Recycling

Council collects household quantities of single use and rechargeable batteries for recycling. Simply drop off your old batteries at the Lane Cove Council Administration Centre during opening hours. There are also battery bins in Lane Cove Woolworths and Coles.

Sorry but we do not accept car batteries and other large batteries.

Light bulb Recycling

The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group (LCSAG) has organised a light bulb recycling bin inside Coles and Woolworths in Lane Cove. The bin takes CFLs light globes, fluro tubes, LED lights, halogens and ink cartridges. 

Ink Cartridge Recycling

The light bulb recycling bin inside Coles and Woolworths in Lane Cove takes ink cartridges. There is also a collection bin in the foyer of the Lane Cove Council Administration Centre .

Mattress Recycling

Approximately 5,000 mattresses are disposed of each year in Lane Cove with each piece occupying approximately 1.5 cubic metres or more of landfill space. Mattresses are hard to compact, and the springs can easily catch in equipment used in landfill.

In response, Lane Cove Council in partnership with Mission Australia's Soft Landing is recycling mattresses from booked Household Clean Up Services. This program is funded by the NSW EPA's Better Waste Recycling Fund. Over 90% of each mattress (by weight) can be recycled into other useful products.

Furntiure Recycling

Council has partnered with The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to collect or re-home unwanted goods that are still in usable condition. Too often, items going to landfill via council clean-up could still be used by someone else. Book a free collection or find out more information.

Timber Recycling

Electronic Waste Recycling

Council offers two free e-waste collection days per year. You can bring residential e-waste to be recycled correclty and diverted from landfill. These e-waste days are for Lane Cove and Hunters Hill residents only. For more information on what is accepted visit Council's e-waste page.

Waste Avoidance

Before throwing something out consider giving it away to an opportunity shop or a re-use and repair cooperative such as Reverse Garbage, The Bower Cycle Re-cycle (bicycles).

You may also like to try eBay or Gumtree. There are also many charitable organisations such as St.Vincent De Paul Society, The Salvation Army and Australian Red Cross.

You may be surprised what some people will happily take off your hands.