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Bike Sharing

‚ÄčOver the past 12 months a number of bike share companies have commenced operations around the metropolitan area of Sydney. Bike share companies such as Reddy Go, Obike, Ofo and Mobike allows riders to access a fleet of bikes through a Smart Phone app. The bikes can be used for return or one-way trips and do not have to be returned to a docking station.

Whilst bike share schemes offer a user-friendly means of cycling, some bikes are left in inappropriate locations and many residents contact Council seeking assistance. Council recently adopted Inner Sydney Bike Share Guidelines. While we will continue to refer to these guidelines to ensure appropriate use of bikes in the area, residents may wish to contact some fo the common service providers regarding a bike you've seen in Lane Cove:

Reddy Go 0432 111 199

oBike 0452 512 453

Ofo 1300 783 859

Mobike1800 861 201