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Centennial Ave/Epping Rd

Work starts at Centennial Avenue and Epping Road

The NSW Government is upgrading the Centennial Avenue and Epping Road intersection.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will widen Centennial Avenue, adding a left hand turn lane from Centennial Avenue onto Epping Road, helping ease congestion, reduce travel times and make the intersection safer.


To carry out this work, RMS will temporarily close Turrumburra Park and playground, to use it as the project compound site. Council will reinstate the park swing set and playground facilities after the work is completed. There are a number of parks nearby for use while the park is closed. These include:

• Park and playground: Directly across the road from Turrumburra Park on Centennial Avenue
• Charlish Park Playground: About 350 metres east of Turrumburra Park on Centennial Avenue
• Tantallon Oval: About 190 metres west of Turrumburra Park on Epping Road
• Nichols Reserve Playground: About 500 metres south of Turrumburra Park on Burns Bay Road

During construction, an alternative pedestrian pathway will be established through Turrumburra Park. This pathway will be separated from the compound sites by secure fencing. There will also be lighting along the alternative pathway to ensure pedestrians can safely walk through the park after dark. Construction vehicle access to the site is also required from the Centennial Avenue end of the park to the northern end, through an existing gap between trees.The pedestrian pathway will be reinstated after work has been completed.

The cycleway and pedestrian footpath which runs through the centre of the park will remain open to the public at all times during construction work. The community will be advised of any temporary diversions which may be required during construction. In the interest of public safety the pedestrian pathway around the park will be closed at times with alternative routes available. There will be clear signage at each end of the pathway, ahead of any closures, to advise the community of the dates and times the pathway cannot be used.

18 trees will be removed from Turrumburra Park to accommodate the new left turn lane from Centennial Avenue into Epping Road. Minor tree trimming of canopies may be required during compound establishment. Site sheds, containers and stockpiling materials will be placed in areas between existing tree canopies, in order to minimise the amount of tree trimming required, where possible. RMS have committed to planting advanced trees upon completion.

There will be temporary traffic changes during RMS work hours to ensure the work zone is safe. They will be working for up to five nights a week for 70 shifts between Monday 21 January and the end of November 2019, weather permitting. Their work hours will be between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday, Saturday between 8am and 1pm and between 6pm and 7am Sunday to Friday. They will not be working on public holidays. 

The latest information is available on the Sydney North section of the RMS website. Information contained above was taken from the October and January community updates provided by RMS - full copies are available on their website.

If you have any questions please contact RMS' delivery partner Ward Civil on 1300 919 508 or