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Fire and Emergency Services Levy

FESL.jpgThe way emergency and fire services are funded in NSW is changing. From 1 July 2017 the existing insurance-based funding system will be replaced by a levy to be paid by property owners, collected alongside Council rates. Previously the funds were only collected if individuals and businesses had property insurance however now it is compulsory for all property owners.

This is not a levy from Council. The State Government is ensuring councils across NSW collect the funds which are then paid to the State Government. The levy supports the work of Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW State Emergency Service in protecting the community from fire, flood, storms and other natural disasters.

Lane Cove ratepayers were provided with a classification of their property in their April rate notice. Those who have paid their rates upfront for this financial year also received a classification letter.

The State Government has now announced the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) rate for each classification of property.

You can calculate the FESL applicable for a property by using the State Government's FESL Calculator. This will be the levy that is included on the first instalment rate notice for July 2017 for the 2017/18 financial year – this can be paid quarterly or annually.

The following additional information is available:-

FESL Calculator

Find out More: Frequently Asked Questions

Home Owner:  Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Property Owner: Frequently Asked Questions

FESL Review Application Form

Visit for additional information or call 1300 78 78 72.

Boat Trailers

Community Consultation is currently underway.

This consultation will run from 11 May to the 21 June 2017


David Wilson
Manager – Environmental Services
Ph: (02) 9911 3613


Lane Cove Council is currently consulting with the community following legislative changes that grant councils the power to enforce boat trailer parking restrictions.   
The changes to the Impounding Act, 1993 have been developed to discourage the long-term parking of unattended registered boat trailers on public roads, often by people who do not live in the local area. By encouraging off-street storage of boat trailers, existing on-street parking spaces will become more available for local residents. 
Under the Act Council would be able to implement tighter management arrangements in relation to registered boat trailers that may otherwise be parking lawfully on public roads. The new legislation relates only to registered boat trailers - registered box trailers and caravans are not included.
Before expressing interest to the Office of Local Government to participate in the scheme, Council is seeking the community's feedback on the issue of boat trailer parking in the Lane Cove area.
If the scheme is introduced boat trailers would be required to be moved at least every 28 days and must move at least one street block. If the boat trailer does not move, Council must provide the registered owner with 15 days' notice before it can impound the trailer. Council would also have the option of establishing a charge for the release of an impounded item. 
Lane Cove Council's current Resident Parking Permit Scheme's only apply to cars and motorcycles and do not provide for the issuing of Parking Permits for boat trailers or vehicles over 3 tonnes, as these vehicles move regularly and spaces are freed up for others to use.
The results of the community consultation will determine whether Council will implement the Impounding Amendment (Unattended Boat Trailers) Act 2015 after 1 July 2017. Until then, Council will maintain its current practice of not issuing parking permits for boat trailers.

Have Your Say

To have your say on this proposal, please make a submission to the General Manager quoting 'Implementation of Legislation to Manage Boat Trailer Parking – SU4145' by:-

  • Post: PO Box 20, Lane Cove 1595;
  • Fax: 9911 3600; or
  • Email

Written submissions will be received by Council until Wednesday 21 June 2017

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Lane Cove Community Hub

​Brand new community facilities are now open in the recently completed Little Street development. Known as the Lane Cove Community Hub, the facility includes the new Terrace Function Room, capable of holding a function for over 150 people with access to the adjacent commercial kitchen. There is also a purpose-built space for Lane Cove and North Side Community Services which incorporates the Park View Room (a 70 person community space) and studios for the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre.

Built on the site of the former 87-space Little Street Car Park, the community facilities are contained within an impressive development that includes 200 public car spaces as well as private residences and associated parking also within the building. A pedestrian footbridge over to the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre is also now open providing full off-street access for Aquatic Centre users who park within the Little Street Car Park.

The Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Deborah Hutchens, officially opened the Lane Cove Community Hub on Wednesday 14 December. Public access is available from the Little Street Car Park or via the newly name Pottery Lane (formerly Little Lane).


Council's Future

May Update

Council's hearing before the Supreme Court has concluded and we are awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court.

27 March Update

Lane Cove Council's Appeal is scheduled to commence on Monday 3 April. Council is currently awaiting legal advice on the impact of the Supreme Court's Ku-Ring-Gai judgment as Lane Cove's Appeal includes a number of similar contentions to those brought about by Ku-Ring-Gai.

February Update

Council is disappointed with the 14 February announcement by the State Government that it will proceed with forced Council mergers.

"While we are disappointed with the outcome we welcome the Premier's clarification on the important issue of Council amalgamations", Mayor Hutchens said.

"Lane Cove was hoping that Premier Berejiklian would use her first weeks in office to positively resolve an issue that will affect communities for months and years to come," Clr Hutchens said.

"Following our community consultation we received extensive feedback from the Lane Cove community who clearly opposed forced amalgamation. In addition to concerns about impact to services and rate increases, our community was concerned about loss of representation and local democracy in general. Perhaps if the State Government had listened to our community then we would not be forced to continue with a model that was, by the Premier's own admission today, a one-size-fits-all model".

"Lane Cove has always been happy to pursue reform as long as it didn't come at the expense of local democracy or indeed, local ratepayers" Clr Hutchens said.

Council is due in the Supreme Court in early April for its appeal against the proposed forced merger with Hunter's Hill and City of Ryde councils.

January Update

Council is expecting that it will receive legal advice on its appeal prospects in early February at which time it will determine whether to continue with its appeal.

December Update

On 19 November Council lodged an appeal with the Land and Environment Court and a Directions Hearing has been set for Wednesday 22 February 2017.

On 22 December 2016 the Supreme Court – Court of Appeal handed down its decision dismissing the Woollahra Council Appeal. The Woollahra Council case is important because it covers many of the issues in dispute. 

Lane Cove Council's lawyers are currently analysing the judgement and given the time of year are seeking an extension to any merger by the NSW Government until after our Appeal is heard. In late January Council will consider whether or not to proceed with an Appeal, given the Woollahra Decision clarifies/removes a number of the grounds.

October Update

At its meeting of Monday 10 October Council resolved to lodge a Notice of Intention to Appeal to recent determination by the Land and Environment Court. This provides Council with the opportunity to lodge an appeal within a 3 month period.

Hunter's Hill Council have now resolved to officially lodge an appeal and therefore all three councils proposed to merge will remain business as usual until such time that the appeal is heard.  

September Update

Council is disappointed at the outcome of its case in the Land and Environment Court and is yet to decide its next steps. Hunter's Hill Council has recently lodged with the court a Notice of its Intention to Appeal, and the government has agreed to defer any further action on the matter until after the decision on Woollahra Council's appeal is handed down. This means it may not be necessary for Lane Cove to take any further action given any appeal would be in relation to the same judgement as Hunter's Hill. Lane Cove has until 18 October to decide whether to lodge an appeal with the Land and Environment Court.

20 September Update

The Land and Environment Court has officially dismissed Council's case against the State Government.

August/September Update

Council is awaiting the outcome of its legal proceedings against the State Government. The legal action calls into question the processes the State Government undertook when determining the proposed merger of Lane Cove, Hunter’s Hill and Ryde councils.

It is not known when the Land and Environment Court’s decision will be determined. The case will guide the Minister for Local Government’s decision on whether to proclaim a new Council encompassing the Lane Cove, Hunter’s Hill and Ryde council areas.

In the meantime Council is operating business as usual, commencing projects that have been approved for the 2016/17 financial year and continuing to deliver high-quality services to the Lane Cove community. Once the outcome of the proceedings is known Council will update the community and its website accordingly.

State Government Announces Mergers

On Thursday 12 May the State Government announced 19 new councils across NSW.

Lane Cove was not part of this announcement as the current legal action by Hunter's Hill Council is yet to be determined. The State Government has committed to hearing this case before making its determination on the proposed merger of Lane Cove, Hunter's Hill and Ryde councils.The case is due to be heard week commencing 30 May.

In the interim Council has received a copy of the Delegate's report following the Public Inquiry earlier this year as well as a summary of comments made by the Local Government Boundaries Commission in response to the Delegate's report.

The State Government has created a website which details the proposed mergers, confirmed mergers and the implementation for those councils who were officially proclaimed on 12 May.

Council will update the community on any proposed timeframes or announcements should these be made available by the State Government.

FitfortheFutureSubmission.jpgSubmission lodged by Council

Lane Cove has provided its written response to the State Government's proposed merger of Lane Cove, Hunter's Hill and Ryde councils.

The submission uses the legislative criteria outlined in the State Government's proposal as the means of presenting the strength of Council's capabilities to the Delegate appointed to assess the merger.

Lane Cove's Fit for the Future Merger Proposal Response was lodged by Council on 26 February 2016. 

A summary document of key information provides an overview of the key areas discussed within the document.

The public has until 5pm this Sunday, 28 February to make their submission.

To make an online submission, visit the following State Government website:

Council Boundary Review – Merger Proposal of City of Ryde, Hunter's Hill and Lane Cove Councils

Extraordinary Council Meeting

Council held an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Monday 22 February 2016 to determine its response to the State Government's proposed merger of Lane Cove, Hunter's Hill and Ryde councils.

Public Inquiry

​On Tuesday 2 February the State government held its Public Inquiry into the proposed merger of Lane Cove, Hunter's Hill and Ryde councils.

Residents, community groups, interest groups and councillors spoke over the two sessions held in the afternoon and evening.

The Mayor of Lane Cove, Clr Deborah Hutchens took the opportunity to address the State government's appointed delegate, Dr Robert Lang who is tasked with providing feedback on the merger to the NSW government.

"I believe that under a large Council the very essence of local government – namely, our close connection with, and responsiveness to our community will be lost. Or perhaps more accurately – it will be taken from us. I am proud to represent the people of Lane Cove and stand here today to affirm their right to an agile and responsive Council that helps to protect their local interests.

I urge the State government to consider the results of our high-performing, innovative Council and to listen to the feedback from our community".

Those members of the community who could not attend the Inquiry are reminded that the closing date for written submissions is 5pm on 28 February 2016.

For further details visit or

Rosenthal Project

May Update

Council invites members of the community, local business operators, property owners and occupiers to nominate for the Rosenthal Project Community Liaison Group (CLG).

The purpose of the Rosenthal Project CLG is to:-

  • Create a forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to the construction stage of the Rosenthal Project and to discuss planned construction activity on the Rosenthal Project;

  • To identify local issues and to provide the project team with local knowledge and local networks that are relevant in the project team's development of mitigation strategies that aim to minimise construction impacts on the community;

  • Act as a two-way communication link between the project team and the community during construction works and provide feedback to the project team at the CLG meetings; and

  • Create a forum for discussion and exchange of information relating to place making activation and mitigation strategies with Council.

Find out more about the CLG including how to make a nomination before applications close on Monday 5 June 2017.

April Update

The Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment project team is getting ready for construction to commence before the end of 2017, following the submission of a Stage 2 Development Application in April.

The transformation of the existing car park into a vibrant new community space complete with a new open space and park is exciting however there will be disruptions during the construction period. Council have been working with ADCO Constructions (ADCO) the Design and Construction Builder to retain up to 100 car parking spaces during the initial part of the excavation and fast-track the staged provision of the 500 public car parking spaces by completion in 2020.

Before starting on site, Council and ADCO will meet with the community and businesses to share the redevelopment plans, proposed support activities and discuss updates since the last community consultation in 2016. Face to face visits to businesses in the immediate vicinity of the project will also take place to ensure ADCO have contact details for notification of upcoming activities and opportunities.

Council will also be establishing a Rosenthal Project Community Liaison group to assist during the project. Further details will be made available in due course.

January Update

Council has appointed ADCO Constructions as the Design and Construction Builder for the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment. Excavation works commence mid 2017with 50% of the car parking spaces available during the fi rst months of construction. The car park will then not be available for approximately 12 months after which time 80 spaces will be available on site. The full car park of 500 spaces is expected in early 2020.

Last year Council conducted a survey to help gauge the level of support for a number of measures to help encourage people to continue to shop locally during construction. These ideas were suggested by the community and businesses as part of workshops held earlier in the year. Following the results of the survey, Council will be prioritising a number of options including fast-tracking the return of parking to the public; running a campaign to help change parking habits and help promote alternatives such as the Little Street Car Park; and identifying retail support and development activities to offset construction impacts.

November Update

The online survey closed on 10 November 2016. Further information will be available in due course

October Update
Council recently held workshops with businesses and residents to help capture their ideas and solutions for minimising disruption during the construction of the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment.

A survey was produced in October to  better understand which of those ideas and solutions will be of greatest help to you during the construction period. The most useful suggestions will be feasibility tested by Council prior to implementation.

September Update

A copy of the presentation provided at the August consultation sessions is now available to view online

August Update
Council invited local residents and businesses to attend consultation sessions to find out more about the project ahead of construction commencing mid-2017.

If you would like to receive the latest information on the redevelopment, sign up to the enewsletter.

July Update

RosenthalAI.jpgLane Cove's highly anticipated Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment has achieved two major milestones with Stage 1 Development Approval being obtained and the two major retail tenants confirmed.

Coles and ALDI are the anchor tenants set to occupy 5,400m2 of new retail space formed through the redevelopment of the current car park site. Based at the northern end of the village, the presence of Coles and ALDI in the redevelopment marks a new era for Lane Cove residents who will have a comprehensive supermarket offering, making shopping  locally even easier.

"I am thrilled that Lane Cove has secured Coles and ALDI, they will be a wonderful addition to this new project in the heart of Lane Cove village.  Our community has been looking forward to the Rosenthal redevelopment for several years and with work to commence next year, we finally have this major project in our sights" Mayor Hutchens. 

Shoppers will have access to 500 underground car park spaces which will be constructed through the project. The new spaces will be a 250% increase on the 175 spaces of the current car park.

The jewel in the crown will be a vibrant public domain that will provide much-needed open space in the heart of Lane Cove village. Sitting at ground level the new park and open space will have something for the whole community. From park areas to playgrounds, BBQs, village green and stage, the space will be a place that attracts locals all year round. With activated laneways and pedestrian links to retail areas to the south and east, the space will complement the existing Plaza space.

The park design was developed following the Design Ideas Competition in 2014, when Council consulted with the community on the look and feel of the proposed open space, based on concepts proposed by a range of design firms. The most popular aspects were then integrated into a vision that will provide an exciting focal point for the residents of Lane Cove.RosenthalAI2.bmp

With construction due to start in 2017, Council is preparing to call tenders from builders  for the design and construction of the project. The latest information on the project will be available on Council's website as the project progresses.

The images pictured are  artist impressions of the redevelopment.

New Defibrillators

Council has invested in life-saving equipment for a number of its facilities. Defibrillators are now installed at Hughes Park, Pottery Green, Blackman Park and the Living and Learning Centre. These add to the existing devices on hand at Lane Cove Library and the Civic Centre.

Defibrillators are for the use of the whole community in the event of a medical emergency. Should anyone notice defibrillators missing or damaged, please notify Council on 9911 3555.

St Leonards South

St Leonards South Strategy – Stage 3 (Update January 2017)

A Draft Local Environmental Plan (LEP) was given a Gateway Determination by NSW Planning & Environment in September 2016.

Council must comply with all conditions specified at various stages – before, during and after public exhibition of the Draft LEP.  Upon completion of all Gateway requirements the Draft LEP will be exhibited alongside various supporting documents.

Community Information Sessions were held in November 2016 at Council's Chambers. The purpose of these sessions was to provide an update of the Draft Planning Proposal and Gateway Determination to the owners and residents in the St Leonards South Area.

For further information please refer to the report submitted to Council's Ordinary Meeting of 21 November 2016 (view Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes)

St Leonards South Strategy - Stage 3

On 13 July 2015 Council resolved to adopt the Draft St Leonards South Master Plan with the addition of the area up to Park Road east side (see diagram below), subject to the B3 Commercial Core zone west of Canberra Avenue remaining as currently zoned.

This resolution will be translated into:

    •  a draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) containing various legal mechanisms (zones; building heights; FSR; etc);
    • a draft Development Control Plan (setbacks; open space; transitions; parking; etc);
    • a draft Development Contributions Plan (which will include a suitable provision for Key Worker Housing;); and
    • a draft Landscape Master Plan (to be incorporated into the DCP)

This next phase of the planning process aims will identify the exact location of public parks, community facilities, east-west links and roads– all to promote a liveable residential precinct. This is because the Master Plan contained indicative options only.

These draft plans will first be considered by NSW Planning & Environment then, subject to approval, there will be consultation with the public.

In accordance with the Council  resolution, prior to the exhibition of the Draft LEP, Council  is to obtain firm commitments from each of the government agencies responsible for the delivery of the required infrastructure, in particular the NSW Department of Education and Roads and Maritime Services.

The overall process of exhibiting and then formal gazettal of the LEP may take 18-24 months (from resolution), depending on State priorities.

Until these documents have been resolved, it is not possible to provide landowners with legal and commercial certainty in relation to controls for particular lots. Please be assured that the community will be advised when there is information available at each new stage, including as these matters are discussed with NSW Planning & Environment.


St Leonards South Strategy – Stage 2

Latest News

Following extensive community consultation, the final report on the St Leonards South Master Plan was considered at an extraordinary meeting of Council on Monday 13 July 2015. The report is available via Council's website.

The Master Plan, prepared by Council's consultants, is now available to view online via Council's Have Your Say section including a copy of the Independent Economic Review and Appendices.

Previous Consultation

Council has previously held an Information Day, Community Workshop and Drop-In Session for the Draft St Leonards South Master Plan as follows:

1. Information Day – 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday 11 October 2014 at the Greenwich Seniors Centre, 48 Greenwich Road, Greenwich;

2. Community Workshop – 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Thursday 16 October 2014 at the Lane Cove Civic Centre, 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove (held in the Cove Room).

3. Community Drop-In Session -  10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday 7 February 2015 at the Greenwich Seniors Centre, 48 Greenwich Road, Greenwich

4. Community Information Session -  6:15pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday 21 April 2015 at the Lane Cove Civic Centre, 48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove (held in the Cove Room). Details of this presentation are available in the St Leonards South Draft Master Plan Have Your Say section.

Information provided at these sessions is available on the St Leonards South consultation website under the Community Information tab.

St Leonards South Strategy – Stage 1

Council resolved to undertake a master planning process for a precinct in St Leonards bounded by the Pacific Highway to the north, the railway line to the east, River Road to the south and Greenwich Road to the west. Council officers developed a Brief for the St Leonards Strategy, to be undertaken in two parts:-

  • Stage 1 Precinct Report; and
  • Stage 2 Growth Scenarios Report.

Consultants David Lock and Associates (DLA) were engaged to complete Stage 1 of the St Leonards Strategy. The Precinct Report includes:-

  • consideration of the current State, metropolitan and local strategic planning context;
  • a summary of existing conditions such as land use, demographic profile, urban structure and built form, public domain and natural features, vehicular and pedestrian access and movement, and physical infrastructure;
  • a summary of the community consultation undertaken as part Stage 1; and
  • an analysis of issues and opportunities for the precinct.

Community consultation undertaken, included the establishment of a website and is summarised in the Stage 1 Consultation Report.

The Stage 1 Precinct Report comprises a research document of the existing situation. The Stage 1 Precinct Report with Appendix 1 the Stage 1 Consultation Report.

Little Lane Carpark Redevelopment

The Little Lane Carpark redevelopment (1-5 Little Street) was one of the major projects identified in the Major Projects Strategic Management Plan 2007 - 2016 adopted by Council after extensive community consultation.

Construction of the approved Development (comprising 200 public car parking spaces, 1,045m2 of community spaces, 550 m2 retail space and  residential units (and associated parking) has commenced. Civil works have begun in Little Lane and Little Street to divert the sewer and stormwater lined around the site.

Following the civil works, excavation for the 200 public car spaces and new community facilities on the lower levels of the multi-storey unit development is expected to commence late August. This new community space will be home to facilities for Lane Cove & North Side Community Services and Lane Cove Music & Cultural Centre as well as a shared 200 sqm meeting space for public use.

In addition there will be a pedestrian bridge constructed from the site across to the Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre providing increased safety for pedestrians accessing public facilities on Little Street such as the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre and Synergy Youth Centre.

The project will see the number of car spaces increase from 86 to 200 by the time the public car park element of the development is completed in 12-14 months time. Unfortunately this will result in the loss of access to Little Street carpark in the coming weeks (see below for carparking arrangements).

Following the carpark being completed in the next 12-14 months will be the completion of the community facility element of the development by the end of 2015.

Completion of the residential units above the community space will take place later 2016. On-site signage and website updates will provide the community with the latest information on the project's progress

Temporary Carparking Arrangements

To minimise the impact on the community and in particular customers for retail businesses in the Village and Aquatic Centre, the following temporary arrangements have been made: -

  1. 34 additional car spaces in the Civic Centre carpark will become available for the public as a result of the relocation of Council staff parking
  2. 2P restrictions will apply from 6am – 6pm 7 days a week within the Civic Centre carpark - view a map of the Civic Centre carpark availability.
  3. The temporary car park at 69 Longueville Road is to be made available exclusively for 17 Council vehicles during working hours Monday to Friday i.e. 7am to 6pm weekdays
  4. On weekends 2P restrictions will apply in the 69 Longueville Road carpark from 6am – 6pm
  5. Council continues to wait for Ausgrid's completion of nearby infrastructure works before Council commences construction of 33 carparking spaces in Cox's Lane
  6. Following the completion of the Aquatic Centre renovations later in the year, another 28 spaces will be created through a temporary carpark within the Aquatic Centre grounds (via Phoenix Street).

These initiatives will deliver 95 spaces for the public in the village area to replace the 86 spaces temporarily unavailable in Little Lane. The new car spaces in Cox's Lane will remain after the Little Lane Car Park is re-opened with 200 spaces, providing additional village parking.

Council will be closely monitoring the impact of the reduction in car spaces over the construction period and work to find other solutions to minimise this impact. Further information about the options considered is available in a report on all the available options which Council considered at its meeting of 18 November, 2013.  

Rosenthal Design Ideas

Council would like to work with you to create a new public space at the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park.

The Rosenthal Avenue Car Park is located in the heart of Lane Cove and currently accommodates 176 surface level parking spaces. We want this well-located site to be more than just a grey parking space – it should be a vibrant, community-oriented space where residents, workers and visitors meet, socialise, eat, recreate and be entertained.

To help identify what the community wants for this space, Council ran a public consultation across November and December 2014. The consultation featured four design concepts and members of the community were asked to identify the elements they liked in each of the designs. The feedback from this consultation will input into a design brief for the site.

St Leonards Bus Interchange and Plaza

Council is looking to advance plans for a new Bus Rail Interchange and Plaza in St Leonards as part of its vision to create an identifiable ‘sense of place’ in St Leonards.

The initial concept was presented in 2011 to assist in the redevelopment of St Leonards in line with the objectives set in the 2009 development control plan for the precinct.

An urban design expert worked with Council to develop the concept into a buildable idea. Council was then able to commence a pathway of consultation and negotiation with numerous State Government parliamentarians

and departments to gain support and approval for the idea. Council has also sought and gained the support of North Sydney and Willoughby Councils and key property owners to progress the vision for a St Leonards Bus Rail Interchange and Plaza.

High level discussions and negotiations are underway between Council and senior officers from Transport for NSW, seeking approval to undertake the necessary investigations and prepare detailed designs that could lead to this project becoming reality. It has reached the stage where Council

will be obtaining formal State Government support for the project through Member for Lane Cove, the Honourable Anthony Roberts MP and through the Minister for Transport, the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian.

Once this support is obtained the detailed analysis and design process will be undertaken to assist in determining whether the project is financially feasible to develop the public domain in St Leonards.

Road Safety Scheme - River Road West, Penrose Street & Bridge Street

Council is continuing to implement a series of traffic management measures for the River Road West/Bridge Street/Penrose Street route. The measures, including the recent addition of a pedestrian refuge island, are part of a road safety scheme designed to help slow vehicles down and reduce the high number of vehicle accidents that occur along this route. The area has seen a high number of traffic incidents including almost 200 accidents across the five year period from 1999-2004.

Further information about the significant history of the road safety scheme can be found below. This includes Council's initiation of the scheme following a petition by local residents with over 500 signatories.

Penrose/Best Street Roundabout

Road safety on River Road West, Bridge Street & Penrose Street has been a longstanding concern of Council and the community for over 10 years. There have been over 60 reported crashes between Austin Street and Burns Bay Road since 2007, some of them a result of excessive speed. To address this issue, Council developed the River Road West Safety Scheme – a package of traffic management measures aimed at reducing traffic speeds and improving safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Included in the River Road West Safety Scheme is the proposal to construct a new roundaboutat the intersection of Penrose Street and Best Street. The proposed scheme would improve the safety of right-turn movements at the intersection; act as a traffic calming device on Penrose Street; provide a u-turn facility; and provide safer crossing locations for pedestrians.

In May 2014 Council undertook a consultation exercise to inform the decision to progress the scheme.

Although 50% of respondents stated their full support of the scheme, a significant proportion also completely objected it. Council believes that many of the issues raised by objectors could be addressed through design amendments to the proposed design and upgrades to adjacent intersections (including the RMS upgrade of the Penrose Street / Burns Bay Road intersection).

Council will now consider revisions to the scheme and monitor the implementation of upgrades within the vicinity before revisiting the proposed roundabout measure.

Further details on the consultation results are provided in the Summary of Consultation document.

Lane Cove Plaza Upgrade - Stage 2

Lane Cove Plaza celebrated its official opening of the Stage 2 upgrades on Saturday 1 November with the extremely popular Coffee Carnevale event.

Council awarded the works to CA&I Pty Ltd, specialist streetscape contractors in April 2014, with works commencing on Monday 12 May 2014.  The works were completed on programme in just over six months and were done during the slower winter months to minimise disruption to businesses.  Day and night shifts were undertaken to meet this tight programme, and the most disruptive and noisiest works were scheduled for night time to reduce the impact on Plaza users and businesses alike. 

The new works feature much larger public decks, more public seating, improved outdoor dining areas and a completely new outdoor lighting concept that will revolutionise the night time ambience of the Plaza.

Minor works continue at present to commission all of the lighting and install the perimeter drop down blinds.

A temporary decorative cladding has been installed to the balustrade around the deck at the western end of the Plaza.  This was necessary due to manufacturing delays affecting supply of the special resin panels that will soon be installed in that location.

Shell Australia Gore Bay

The information presented are minutes and information provided by Shell Australia Pty Ltd as part of their community responsibility for informing the public about the Gore Bay Terminal. Lane Cove Council takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and is provided in good faith on behalf of the community.

For those seeking information about the current status of Shell Australia's proposal, please visit the NSW Government's Department of Planning & Infrastructure website.

Development in Lane Cove

Lane Cove - Longueville Little Street Intersection.jpgOver the past five years the Lane Cove community has noticed an increase of new developments with many long-term residents having to cast their minds back to the 1970s to recall an equivalent level of growth. So why is Lane Cove growing?

The State Government's Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney sets a framework for growth in Sydney by 2031. Within the Strategy was a target of 27,500 new homes across the city each year – Lane Cove's contribution to this process was set at 3,900 new dwellings by 2031.

To assist in maintaining the village atmosphere, in 2009 Council applied a range of sustainability criteria that helped identify the best locations for these developments. Criteria addressed areas such as transport, traffic, walking and gradient to shops, conservation, loss of area's character/interface with adjacent areas and the overall quality of the site. It is no surprise that Lane Cove's proximity to the city, village atmosphere and natural amenity has proven attractive to developers and buyers alike. Council has already approved over 3,000 units for construction, with a large number currently under construction.

The State Government has recently released 'A Plan for a Growing Sydney' which is an update of the Metro Strategy. Whilst not yet finalised, Lane Cove's contribution is likely to be some 6,000 units (up from 3,900).This scale is similar to the projection for neighbouring councils.

Council has been planning for this amended target with apartments being located in Lane Cove North and West, as well as increased interest at St Leonards where proximity to the rail and bus network continues to grow. Council has also been ensuring this area is able to service future communities by developing a St Leonards South Masterplan and the St Leonards Public Domain Master Plan, with a bus/rail interchange at St Leonards that will provide open space over the railway line; local retail; community space; and essential transport connections.

Council has already delivered a range of infrastructure improvements over the past 18 months with a number of other facilities being delivered over the coming year. This has been made possible by the increase in ratepayers and also in the section 94 contributions (paid by developers to address the increased demand on infrastructure from each new dwelling).

In addition to this Council has also locked in Voluntary Planning Agreement funds which are provided where developers can demonstrate public benefit from a modification to the existing planning restrictions (such as height).

These funds contribute significantly to strategic projects where open space, traffic infrastructure and better connectivity can be realised.

Recent Projects Completed

• New synthetic sportsfields at Blackman Park (new Scout Hall and amenities building now under construction)

• Upgrade to Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre and Gymnasium;

• Upgrade to Lane Cove Plaza;

• New road at 304-314 Burns Bay Road

• New traffic lights at Rosenthal Avenue/Longueville Road intersection

Currently Underway

• New Community Centre at 314 Burns Bay Road (due 2015)

• New Park at 314 Burns Bay Road (due 2015)

• New 200 space carpark to replace 84 spaces at Little Lane (due 2015)

• New Community Centre at Little Lane

• New pedestrian footbridge linking the Little Lane Carpark to the Aquatic Centre

Upcoming Projects

• Bus/rail interchange at St Leonards

• Rosenthal Carpark to be replaced with a large open space, additional shops and parking for approx. 500 vehicles

• Open space in the Mowbray Road Precinct

• Seniors Living at 266 Longueville Road

• Recreation Precinct at Golf Course