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The Canopy – The Canopy is home to a new park with village green and children’s playground, performance stage, restaurant precinct, Coles and Aldi supermarkets and a 500-space underground car park.

Return and Earn - You can now recycle your bottles and cans at two Return Vending Machines (RVMs) in Lane Cove. Visit Little Street carpark RVM for small household returns or the Lane Cove West RVM for bulk returns.

Bob Campbell Oval - find out more about Bob Campbell Oval and the Draft Masterplan.
Lane Cove Gift Card - this gift card can be redeemed at more than 75 stores in the area.

Kingsford Smith Oval Changes - ​An update on Kingsford Smith Oval following the December 2020 Council meeting.

Greenwich Hospital - find out more about the redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital. 

St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 - State Government's Plan for the future of the precinct

Boat Trailer Parking in Lane Cove – Rules and regulations on boat trailer street parking. 

NSROC Sportsground Strategy – Addressing the issues of sportsfield usage across the region

Tantallon Oval Pavilion - Revised plans have been prepared for the new Pavilion at Tantallon Oval.

Visit The Canopy

​The Canopy is home to a park with village green and children’s playground, performance stage, restaurant precinct, Coles and Aldi supermarkets and a 500-space underground car park.   

The Canopy is Lane Cove’s premier fine dining, food and beverage destination conveniently located within the busy Lane Cove village amongst the active high street commercial and retail precinct. 

The Canopy offers a unique environment for the community and retailers to converge within a purpose built facility that provides convenience and atmosphere for day and night trading and activities. Overlooking the manicured open green space, The Canopy offers an abundance of light and functional casual and formal dining options, with the added bonus of park activities for all ages and a purpose built stage for entertainment and events.

Visiting The Canopy

The Canopy is located in the heart of Lane Cove at 2 Rosenthal Avenue, Lane Cove.

The community park is located on ground level and Coles and ALDI are located on the lower ground floor. Access is via the lifts or travelators.

Access to the 500 car space underground car park is via the roundabout at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Rosenthal Avenue. 

Find out more about The Canopy.

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Proposed financial assistance to the Rotary Club of Lane Cove

Council gives public notice in accordance with Section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993 that it proposes to provide funding of $10,000 to the Rotary Club of Lane Cove for support for local projects due to the cancellation of the Rotary Fair in 2020.

Subject to no objections being received, the funding will be provided


Susan Heyne, Manager - Community Services

Phone: (02) 9911 3592


Consultation Timeline

  • 15 March 2021 – Proposed provision of funding endorsed by Council for public exhibition

  • 19 March to 30 April – exhibition period for community submissions

  • May 2021 – subject to no objections being received, funding granted to the Rotary Club of Lane Cove

Development Application Notices

View the list of recently determined DAs for March 2021. (Published on Thursday 8 April 2021)

View the list of recently determined DAs for February 2021. (Published on Thursday 11 March 2021)

View the list of recently determined DAs for January 2021. (Published on Thursday 11 February 2021)

View the list of recently determined DAs for December 2020. (Published Thursday 14 January 2021)

View the list of recently determined DAs for November 2020. (Published Thursday 3 December 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for October 2020. (Published Thursday 12 November 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for September 2020. (Published Thursday 15 October 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for August 2020. (Published Thursday 17 September 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for July 2020. (Published Thursday 13 August 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for June 2020. (Published Thursday 16 July 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for May 2020. (Published Thursday 11 June 2020)

View the list of recently determined DAs for April 2020. (Published Thursday 14 May 2020)

Parking in Lane Cove

Ticketless Parking

Council operates three ticketless car parks within Lane Cove village providing more than 1,000 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.

Each of these car parks provides up to 3 hours free parking with 1 hour express parking on P1 of The Canopy. Parking is free for entry after 6:00pm. Time will accumulate if you re-enter the same car park within an hour of leaving however the car parks are not linked so you can move between different car parks.

The map below provides details on a range of  parking options in Lane Cove village.

Early Bird Parking

Early Bird Parking is available on P4 at The Canopy for visitors who enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm at a cost of $7.50.

Check and Pay Online

Did you know you have three days to check whether you need to pay at Market Square or The Canopy car parks?

If you have exited without paying and aren’t sure if you have overstayed, you can visit to check.

Simply enter your licence plate details and any outstanding fees for the past three days will be displayed. You can then pay online and avoid receiving a fine.

Parking rates

Little Street, Market Square and The Canopy Car Parks:

  • 1st hour after free period $7.00
  • 2nd hour after free period $17.00
  • 3rd hour after free period $24.00
  • +4 hours after free period $45.00

Entry after 6:00pm is free.

The Canopy Early Bird parking (enter before 9:30am and exit after 4:00pm) is $7.50

Seniors and Mobility Parking Scheme

Council runs a Seniors Parking Permit Scheme. To be eligible for a free two year Seniors Parking Permit, recipients must be a Lane Cove resident; over 67 years of age; and hold a current drivers licence. Seniors Parking Permits must be displayed when parking in designated Seniors spaces within Council car parks. Apply for a Seniors Parking Permit.

Mobility Parking permits are administered by Service NSW. For details of locations of Mobility Parking in Lane Cove village, please refer to the map below. Find out more and apply for a Mobility Parking permit.

Electric Vehicles

Council provides access to 6 electric vehicle charging stations at The Canopy (on P3) as well as 4 in Little Street (on P4) and 5 at Market Square Car Park (on P2).

Business Parking Permits

Do you work locally? Are you looking for an affordable parking option, seven days a week?

Council’s business parking permit scheme provides use of P4 at The Canopy car park for a rate of $1,800 per annum.

Find out more and apply for your business parking permit online.

Lane Cove Shopping Precinct: Parking Map

Village Parking map.jpg 

Please click on the image to enlarge the map. 

Please note a portion of spaces in the Civic Centre Car Park (48 Longueville Road) is a restricted parking zone (no parking between 6:00am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday). All spaces in the car park are available outside of these times.

Dogs in Lane Cove

What's Next

Council recently invited the community to participate in an online survey to help guide the drafting of a Dog-Friendly Strategy for Lane Cove. The results of the survey as well as feedback from drop-in sessions at Kingsford Smith Oval and Blackman Park are to be assessed and the results and a draft strategy will be reported to a future Council meeting.


A Council report, commissioned in 2007, has guided Council to date on the provisions for off-leash areas within the Council area and recommendations made in that report have been implemented. Since then however, Lane Cove’s population has increased and there has been a consequent increase in the demand for open space by all users of our parks and reserves. There have also been recent conflicts on shared sportsfields with off-leash areas.  

The Lane Cove Council area currently has more than 6,600 registered dogs. There are currently 19 off-leash dog areas in Lane Cove, totaling approximately 104,685 sqm. This includes two fully fenced purpose designed dog parks, six sports fields used as off-leash dog areas (when they are not booked for sports) and 11 smaller parks with off-leash areas. This equates to approximately 2,078 people per off-leash facility. By comparison, City of Ryde Council has 9,804 people per facility and Willoughby City Council has 6,180 people per off-leash facility.  

Off-leash Dog Areas.jpg 

Download the names and locations of the off-leash areas.

In 2020 Council resolved to prepare a Dog-Friendly Lane Cove Strategy. The aim is to provide a strategic approach to the future provision of Dog-Friendly spaces within the Lane Cove Council area. The Strategy will also provide an opportunity to better inform residents of future planning for facilities, special events, latest information about dog registration and procedures for reporting dangerous dogs.

Have Your Say 

Council recently invited the community to participate in an online survey to help guide the drafting of a Dog-Friendly Strategy for Lane Cove.

The survey was open for the community to complete from Thursday 25 February to Sunday 28 March 2021.

Drop-in sessions

Council hosted drop-in sessions during March at three different off-leash dog areas. Across the two hours in each location staff helped to raise awareness of the survey and provide the opportunity to make suggestions on what could be included in the Strategy.

Tantallon Oval Pavilion

Revised plans have been prepared for the new Pavilion at Tantallon Oval.

Council considered all of the suggestions/input from the community and the Clubs and have revised the plans accordingly.

The tender for the new Pavilion has been advertised and it is expected that building will commence in the New Year.

This is a design and construct building – which means that there may be some changes to the final design in particular to some of the materials to be used.

If you have any questions, please contact Council via email with the subject line 'Tantallon Oval'.

View the revised plans.




The perfect Mother's Day gift

The Lane Cove Gift Card is the perfect present to give this Mother's Day!

Help support your favourite local businesses by purchasing a gift card that can be redeemed at more than 75 local stores and restaurants.

The Lane Cove Gift Card may be purchased at any of our load-up stores. The minimum load amount is $30.

Where can I spend a Lane Cove Gift Card?

Visit Shop Lane Cove to view participating businesses and what they offer. You can also download a list of participating businesses.

Where can I purchase a Lane Cove Gift Card?

Download the list of participating businesses. You can purchase a Lane Cove Gift Card at the businesses marked with an asterisks. If you don't live in the area, you can also purchase a Lane Cove Gift Card online through Why Leave Town.

Bulk orders

If you'd like to order a large amount of Lane Cove Gift Cards, please fill out the online form through Why Leave Town.

How do I check how much money I have left on my Gift Card?

If you're a card holder and would like to check the balance of your Gift Card, please visit the Why Leave Town website and enter your card details.

 Mother's Day Gift Card.jpg

Can and Bottle Recycling

​Return and Earn, the NSW Government's container deposit scheme, provides collection points for people to return their eligible drink containers. Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and with the original label attached.

New Return and Earn Facility Opens in Lane Cove West

A new bulk container counting facility has opened in Lane Cove West.

This Return and Earn facility can count more than 100 containers per minute and provide the refunds on the spot.

There's also a home collection service. Customers can sign up via their website and receive a 240L bin to fill with eligible containers. Once your bin is full you can schedule a collection and have the full bin swapped for an empty bin. 

For more details on the Lane Cove West collection point and their services, please visit their website.

Where are the nearest collection points?

Lane Cove has two Return and Earn collection points:

Little Street Car Park
Ground Floor
1 Little Street, Lane Cove (opposite footbridge at the Aquatic Centre)
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm, Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

67 Mars Road
Lane Cove West (entrance is on Sirius Street opposite Kanes Hire)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00am - 5:00pm, 7:00am - 3:00pm Saturday, closed Sunday

The next closest machine is at Woolworths Marsfield, corner of Epping and Balaclava Road.

Check under the 2066 postcode on the Return and Earn website for all the collection point details.

What containers are eligible?

Most empty 150-millilitre to three litre beverage containers will be eligible for a 10 cent refund when presented to an approved NSW collection point. There are some exceptions, and containers not eligible for a refund are described in the section below. Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken, and have the original label intact.

Container materials that may be eligible for a refund include containers made from:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Liquid paperboard (cartons)

Containers that are not included in the scheme and, therefore, do not qualify for a refund are:

  • Plain milk (or milk substitute) containers
  • Flavoured milk containers of one litre or more
  • Pure fruit or vegetable juice containers of one litre or more
  • Glass wine bottles
  • Glass spirit bottles
  • Containers for cordials, and concentrated fruit/vegetable juices
  • Registered health tonics.


The above information has been made available via the Return and Earn website.

Bob Campbell Oval

​This page will provide a central location for updates on Bob Campbell Oval and the Draft Masterplan.

March 2021

Council has outsourced the provision of both a topographical land survey and existing tree information as part of the Bob Campbell Redevelopment Masterplan. The resulting Tree Inspection Schedule and corresponding Tree Location Survey are now available to view online.

A Notice of Rescission was put forward to Council at the 15 March meeting to rescind Item 1 (Council receive and endorse the revised Bob Campbell Oval Master Plan) of resolution 183 of the Council meeting 16 November 2020. The Motion was lost - view the Minutes of the meeting.

Council is currently working on design detail for the Master Plan. Relevant reports for this project will be available from this page of Council's website for public once received by Council.

February 2021

Construction of a new Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) at the corner of St Vincents Road and Gore Street will commence on Monday 22 February. It's scheduled to take approximately five weeks to complete.

January 2021

To avoid any potential conflict with the hosting of the Greenwich Games (anticipated in December 2021), Council has deferred construction commencing until January 2022 with completion proposed for December 2022.

However, Council will commence the construction of the Shared User Path (SUP) earlier than previously anticipated with contractors engaged by mid-2021 and expected to be completed in December 2021.

November 2020

Council considered a report at its meeting of 16 November 2020 following community consultation throughout September and October.

To view the minutes from the meeting, please view the Council Minutes for November.

20 October 2020

The consultation period has been extended and will now finish on 1 November 2020.

Find out more on the Have Your Say page for Bob Campbell Oval.

September 2020

Consultation is now underway via Council's Have Your Say section until Thursday 29 October 2020 (amended to 1 November).

Council's Open Space Plan identifies the need to increase the capacity and use of open space assets through investment, innovation and good design. To help improve the use of Bob Campbell Oval, Greenwich, Council has prepared a Draft Masterplan which demonstrates how a range of features could be included on the site. Council's 2008 Recreation Action Plan was developed to identify existing gaps in sports infrastructure and planned for increased capacity as a result of increased participation in sport. It recommended that Council investigate the option of a synthetic field at Blackman Park or Bob Campbell Oval, along with upgraded cricket wickets and improved lighting. The Blackman Park upgrades were ultimately completed in 2014.

The 2014 NSROC Regional Sportsground Strategy which covered the LGAs of Hornsby, Hunter's Hill, Ku-ring-gai, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Ryde and Willoughby, identified that demand for sportsfields would far outweigh supply in coming years even with all existing fields converting to synthetic to allow higher usage. This report identified Bob Campbell Oval as a potential synthetic field location.

Council's 2018-2021 Delivery Program and Operation Plan included an action to develop a synthetic playing surface at Bob Campbell Oval including consideration of the provision of walkways, off-leash areas and amenities/car parks.

Council has been successful in securing funds for the upgrade to the oval and surrounding park area through state funding from NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment.

We are now seeking feedback on the Masterplan which includes the following:

  • New synthetic field to accommodate Soccer (90m x 50m) and Cricket
  • Existing Bushland
  • New fitness track approx. 400m in length
  • Enclosed off-leash dog areas
  • New amenities building
  • Approx. 50 space car park
  • Link to existing bush track
  • New native vegetation area
  • Existing aquaduct
  • New playground and fitness equipment
  • New BBQ picnic area
  • Existing vehicular access road and shared user access path
  • New shared user path (SUP)
  • New upgraded lighting for field
  • New Netball training court for off-peak times
  • Perimeter fence

To assist with the consultation, Council has prepared Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), along with a number of background documents and will also host two community drop-in information sessions.

To allow the community to understand the scale of the enclosed field, the area of the synthetic sportsfield has been marked on the existing oval (as close as practical) including the off-leash dog areas during this consultation period.

Have Your Say

To have your say please visit the Have Your Say section of Council's website to review the background information and complete the online survey.

The Have Your Say page also includes details on dates/RSVP process for the drop-in sessions and how to make a submission to the General Manager regarding the Masterplan.

Written submissions close 5:00pm Sunday 1 November 2020 (originally Thursday 29 October 2020).

Consultation has now closed.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government.


Kingsford Smith Oval

Over several years Council has had an ongoing issue with a number of regular dog incidents involving the public, Council staff and sporting club users at Kingsford Smith Oval.

Kingsford Smith Oval plays host to third and fourth grade cricket in the second highest level of club cricket in Sydney and last year was voted by the players in the competition as the third best ground in Sydney. A fulltime groundskeeper is required at the oval, to provide a turf wicket for this level of competition. Over the years there has been a steady increase in dog related incidents at the oval and Council needs to provide a safe working environment for its staff.

At the March 2020 Council meeting it was resolved to trial opening and closing the gates daily during staff work hours. The trial commenced on 19 October 2020 and it was found that there was a reduction in dog related incidents. Council is keen to ensure that there is further improvement in user behaviour in order to provide a safe workplace for Council staff.

Following the trial, at the December 2020 Council Meeting, Council resolved to:

  • Continue the opening and closing of the gates at Kingsford Smith Oval utilising Council staff during the staff work hours, 6:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday;

  • Continue using the flag system at Kingsford Smith Oval for both entire oval bookings, cricket net bookings and selected maintenance works;

  • Undertake further community education in relation to the arrangements at Kingsford Smith Oval, the reasons for them and encouraging further improvement in user behaviour

  • If dog related incidents continue to occur (including verbal abuse towards Council staff), then Kingsford Smith Oval will be designated an on-leash area during the staff working hours.

    For more information and to read the Council report, please visit Council’s website and click on the December Agenda. You can also view the Meeting Minutes on the same webpage. 

    Flag system 

    ​A coloured-flag system was implemented at Kingsford Smith Oval in March to help dog owners know when their dogs are allowed off-leash, on-leash or not allowed on the oval at all. The flags will be displayed depending on the use of the oval and reflects the implementation of the Companion Animals Act 1998.

    • No flag = off-leash

    • Yellow flag = on-leash

    • Red flag = not allowed on the oval at all

    For more information, please visit see the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Did you know you can check the availability of Council’s facilities including indoor venues, sports grounds and parks and reserves on the Council website?

    To do so, simply follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Facilities webpage;

    2. Under the Availability bullet point, select Library, Indoor Venues, Sports Grounds or Parks and Reserves;

    3. The calendar will highlight whether the facility is available. Busy times are blocked out in red.  

    Latest on COVID-19

    Please find important information from Council below relating to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

    For the latest NSW Health information on the number of cases in Lane Cove local government area, please visit the NSW Health Website.

    The NSW Government encourages everyone to wear a mask where possible. Masks are a helpful addition in the fight against COVID-19, if used correctly. 

    NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant recommends wearing a mask:

    • If it is hard to maintain 1.5 metres of physical distance from others  
    • When in high-risk indoor areas such as public transport, supermarkets, shops, places of worship and entertainment venues 
    • When caring for or serving vulnerable people  
    • If working in a cafe, restaurant, pub, club or other high-risk indoor area.

    Latest Information

    For information on current NSW Government COVID-19 hotspot areas and public health orders, please view the latest news and updates. If you have visited any of the affected locations that are listed, such as Fitness First St Leonards, or have any symptoms, it is important to self isolate and get tested as soon as possible.

    Downloading the COVIDSafe app

    Lane Cove locals are encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app to help the Australian government's work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Having confidence that they can find and contain outbreaks quickly will mean governments can ease restrictions while still keeping Australians safe.

    The new COVIDSafe app is completely voluntary. Downloading the app is something you can do to protect you, your family and friends and save the lives of other Australians. The more Australians connect to the COVIDSafe app, the quicker we can find the virus. Find out more today...

    Council Building is open

    Council’s Civic Centre's operating hours are between 8:30am – 5:00pm. We ask all visitors to please observe social distancing requirements and keep a 1.5 metre distance from others. A maximum of 10 people will be allowed in the Civic Centre foyer at any one time.

    At this stage, we are only able to accept card payments. Unfortunately, JP services will be unavailable until further notice.

    As a reminder, Council services continue to be available online, by email or phone 9911 3555 between 8:30am – 5:00pm.

    Facilities to hire

    At this stage, Council facilities are not available for hire to members of the public. We will update this page if this changes.

    Library Update

    Lane Cove Library

    Monday - Thursday 9:30am - 9:00pm

    Friday - Saturday 9:30am - 5:00pm

    Sunday 9:30am - 2:00pm

    Greenwich Library

    Monday 1:00pm - 5:00pm

    Tuesday - Thursday 2:00pm - 7:00pm

    Saturday 9:30am - 2:00pm         

    Please note capacity limits and social distancing still apply and you will be required to check-in via the Service NSW app upon your arrival.

    Parents/Carers are advised to not send primary school age children to the Library unattended as the Library may already be at capacity.

    Local Studies is by appointment only.

    Find out more.

    Report breaches to Crime Stoppers

    It is an offence not to adhere to the Public Health order. Crime Stoppers NSW is the best and most appropriate way to report any breaches or concerns around people acting contrary to self-isolation or health orders. Crime Stoppers NSW can be contacted on 1800 333 000 or visit the Crime Stoppers NSW website.

    Public parks, playgrounds and trails are open

    Lane Cove's public parks, playgrounds and trails are open. Council reminds residents to maintain social distancing whilst using these facilities and keep 1.5 metres apart from others.   

    The NSW Government's advice is that users may use outdoor exercise and playground equipment, but should do so with caution, and:

    • Wash their hands before and after they use the equipment
    • Assume the person who has used the equipment before them has the virus.

    Other services and facilities

    Garbage collection start times: due to staffing arrangements and to ensure your garbage is collected, garbage collection will start approximately 60-90 minutes earlier in some areas commencing this week, for example 5:00am start instead of 6:00am. Most of these earlier starts will commence on or near major arterial roads. Your understanding of any inconvenience during this time is appreciated.

    Sydney Community Services: Council is liaising with local organisation Sydney Community Services to ensure they can continue to provide essential services to people in need in our area and also to ensure any isolated members of the community can still access these services. For more information phone Sydney Community Services on 9427 6425 from Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:00pm.

    Please remember to practice social distancing when outdoors.

    Facilities to hire

    At this stage, Council facilities are not available for hire to members of the public. We will update this page if this changes.

    DA Process

    Council's Civic Centre has reopened, which means DA searches in-person are now available. You can continue to also use the DA Search and Enquiry tool on Council's website. If you require assistance, please email

    All development applications are to be lodged electronically via the NSW Planning Portal. Find out more about Online DA Lodgement.

    Council's Development Assessment Team is committed to continuity of service during this time and appreciate your co-operation with the above changes.

    Extended Construction Hours

    New rules introduced by the NSW Government allow construction sites to operate on weekends and public holidays.

    The rules are intended to allow workers to abide by social distancing rules while keeping construction projects progressing by spreading building work across more days of the week. The announcement was made on 2 April.

    The Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development – Construction Work Days) Order 2020 is now in place and will continue until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, or the advice of NSW Health changes.

    Demolition and building work is permitted on a Saturday, Sunday and public holiday provided:

    • The development has consent
    • Comply with all conditions of consent other than conditions that relate to hours of work or operation on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, and
    • For work or operation on Saturday, Sunday or public holiday - must
      • Comply with the conditions of  the consent that restrict the hours of work or operation on any other days as if the conditions applied to work or operation on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday
      • Not involve the carrying out of rock breaking, rock hammering, sheet piling, pile driving or similar activities during the hours of work that would not be normally permitted but for this Order.
      • Take all appropriate and reasonable measures to minimise noise.

    Find out more.

    Support for residents and businesses

    Support for Local Businesses

    The new $3,000 recovery grant to help small businesses safely re-launch their operations went live on the Service NSW website on 1 July 2020. View the media release for more information.
    Council is supporting local businesses by:

    • Granting rental relief to all commercial Council tenants, including those with footpath dining.
    • Encouraging other landlords to provide rent relief.

    Free Online Program for Local Businesses

    Has your business been impacted by Covid-19? Wondering how to plan for what happens next, including sustainable success? 

    Council is offering Lane Cove businesses a free online training program that is tailored to our local business community. It can help you:

    • Minimise disruption to your business during this crisis 
    • Identify new opportunities and revenue streams 
    • Set yourself up for a quick recovery once we get to the other side of this crisis

    Delivered by Grant Hartley from Brand Local, this short program is designed to provide Lane Cove business owners with simple and effective solutions that can be executed quickly at low to no cost.

    Kick-start your journey with the basic fundamentals in as little as half a day or take full advantage of the additional resources and continue at your own pace. You can stop and start at anytime, giving you the flexibility to complete the sessions when it suits you.

    Find out more and sign up for the free Lane Cove program today

    In addition to Council's tailored program, the NSW Government has also announced a range of free webinars that you may find useful. Over the next two weeks there are seminars on creative incomes, Google analytics, innovation and managing people to name a few. Find out more on the Business Connect website.

    To provide further assistance to businesses, Council has launched It's free for businesses to list and you can update your delivery information as often as you need so that locals can find out if you're offering pick-up, delivery, online services etc. 

    Government support for businesses

    Government business support packages previosuly announced include:

    Government support for individuals

    The Federal Government is providing a range of measures to address the global health crisis related to Coronavirus COVID-19.

    On 22 March 2020, the Government announced it will provide a temporary Coronavirus Supplement of $550 a fortnight to new and existing income support recipients from 27 April 2020 for six months. People will receive their usual payment plus $550 each fortnight for the six month period. For more information and to check eligibility, please visit the Department of Social Services (DSS) website.

    The Treasury has also outlined its economic response to COVID-19. Please follow the below links for more information.  

    Residents may also find the following DSS links useful:  

    Please visit the Department of Health's webpage for general health information on Coronavirus COVID-19.

    For Council updates on COVID-19, please visit Council’s Latest News.

    Everyone can play!

    Mindarie Park now open

    The final two stages of Mindarie Park are now complete providing a variety of sports and play equipment for local residents to enjoy. Along with stage one which features an all-inclusive playground, the park now provides 6,300 square metres of open space and a multi-use games area.

    The fencing of the grassed area will remain in place throughout July to help the grass take hold and will be removed as soon as the grass is ready for action.

    The park is bounded by Pinaroo Place, Mindarie Street and Kullah Parade. 8 parking spaces are available on Kullah Parade as well as parking in Pinaroo Place.


    IMG_2813.JPGseniors exercise area.JPG 

    time play ground for older kids.JPGIMG_2812.JPG 


    May 2020 Update

    Council's Manager of Open Space, Ted Webster, explains the progress of stage 2 in this video on Council's YouTube channel.

    Installation of a timber ropes obstacle course (pictured) and a rain garden are now complete. The park will also include a multi-use games area, a large turf area, amphitheatre and performance area as well as two new picnic shelters, barbecues, bubblers and accessible picnic settings. Plants from Council’s nursery will be planted to create a natural green buffer around the park and larger native trees were planted in February to provide shade.

    A total of eight new off-street car spaces will be available along Kullah Parade which will replace the three existing on street car spots.

    Stage one which included an all-inclusive playground following the “Everyone can Play” NSW guidelines was opened by member for Lane Cove Anthony Roberts MP on 23 February 2019.

    Timber Creations.jpg

    Image above: Timber parkour obstacle course


    Image above: Conceptual Masterplan

    February 2019 - Sydney’s first inclusive play space opens in Lane Cove North

    Council recently opened the first stage of Mindarie Park which features an inclusive play space as part of the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play program. Located on the corner of Mindarie Street and Kullah Parade the fenced playspace includes a range of swings, natural-looking play materials and equipment that is suitable for people of all abilities to enjoy. Also on-site are new BBQ facilities, toilets and Seniors fitness equipment.

    The project was made possible following $1million in funding from the NSW Department of Planning and a further $800,000 in Council contributions. The next stage involves installation of a multi-court, additional play area and a large grassed area suitable for informal games and relaxation. The works will be completed in 2020 resulting in 6,300m2 of open space for residents living in the Lane Cove North area.

    Latest Update  - December 2018

    Locals will have noticed a range of activities taking place on-site at Mindarie Park including:

    • installation of sandstone block retaining walls
    • new footpaths inside and outside the park area
    • new play equipment installed along with the first stage of soft fall
    • installation of a new toilet block

    Early in the new year the final stage of the soft fall will be installed along with other park infrastructure. Associated landscaping will also take place prior to the playground being open by the end of Summer 2019.

    Works will still continue throughout 2019 on the rest of the park area.

    Australiana inspired play structure.JPG 

    Image: Example of equipment for installation in an inclusive playspace in Mindarie Park

    Latest Update - 8 August 2018

    This week Council will begin the first stage of the new Mindarie Park which will provide 6,300 square metres of open space in Lane Cove North bounded by Pinaroo Place, Mindarie Street and Kullah Parade.

    Following a funding announcement by the NSW Government (see below), a new inclusive playspace will be built on the corner of Mindarie Street and Kullah Parade as the first stage of the larger park.

    The initial site preparation works for the play area will include:

    • Removal of existing play equipment
    • Demolition of tennis wall
    • Installation of tree protection measures
    • Installation of natural sandstone block retaining wall
    • Preliminary grading works

    These initial preparation works are expected to take 3 – 4 weeks to complete, weather permitting. Over the coming months additional on-site works will be undertaken to prepare to install the new playground in time for use at the end of Summer 2019. During this time you may wish to explore other playgrounds in Lane Cove, including Tantallon Oval.

    For the latest information on the project please refer to on-site signage or refer back to this website. 

    Find your nearest playground:

    28 June 2018 - Mindarie Million-Dollar Funding Announcement

    Lane Cove Council is thrilled with the NSW Government's announcement of funding for the Mindarie Park Inclusive Playspace this week.

    $1 million of additional funding has been provided to the Council project thanks to the Accelerated Open Space and Parklands Program implemented by the Office of Open Space and Parklands.

    The new inclusive playspace will align with the Everyone Can Play in NSW guidelines to cater for all people, including disabled and able-bodied children and their Carers.

    The funding announced by the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Planning and Housing, means Council can get underway with the first stage of this exciting park in Lane Cove North sooner than anticipated.

    The commencement of playground works in Spring will signal the first step in bringing the 6,300 square metres of recreational space in Lane Cove North to life.

    waratah-nswgovt-two-colour.pngConstruction is expected to start this Spring with completion of this particular aspect of the park scheduled to be completed by the end of Summer 2019.

    Council's 2018/19 budget includes a further $3 million to deliver the remaining aspects of the Mindarie Park open space project.

    The Mindarie Park Inclusive Playspace is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Lane Cove Council.


    Business Parking Permits

    A yearly Business Parking Permit scheme for The Canopy car park commenced on Wednesday 10 June 2020. ​

    This scheme allows unlimited and unrestricted use of level P4 of The Canopy car park seven days-a-week at a cost of $1,800 per annum, per permit. The scheme allows for up to 50 business parkers.

    To be eligible for a Business Parking Permit, the Applicant must operate a business permanently located in the Lane Cove town centre or is a staff member of that business. Please refer to the shaded areas in the Business Parking Centre map to check whether your business is eligible.​

    Find out more about the Conditions of the Business Parking Permit Scheme.

    Businesses can apply for a permit online.

    Kingsford Smith Oval Changes

    ​From Monday 2 March 2020, a new coloured-flag system will be implemented at Kingsford Smith Oval to help dog owners know when their dogs are allowed off-leash (no flag), on-leash (yellow flag) or not allowed on the oval at all (red flag). The flags will be displayed depending on the use of the oval and reflects the implementation of the Companion Animals Act 1998.

    For more information, please visit see the Frequently Asked Questions.

    Did you know you can check the availability of Council’s facilities including indoor venues, sports grounds and parks and reserves on the Council website?

    To do so, simply follow these steps:

    1. Visit the Facilities webpage;

    2. Under the Availability bullet point, select Library, Indoor Venues, Sports Grounds or Parks and Reserves;

    3. The calendar will highlight whether the facility is available. Busy times are blocked out in red.  

    Greenwich Hospital

    Council received notification from the Department of Planning of a State Significant Development proposal for the redevelopment of Greenwich Hospital. 

    An updated proposal was lodged by the applicant which has regard to the community's and Council's submission (April 2019). It can viewed on the Department of Planning's website or in hard copy at Council's Civic Centre and Greenwich Library. Submissions for the updated proposal were extended until 18 December 2019.

    Since Council's initial submission in April 2019, the development was subject to design changes and was renotified to Council. 

    report relating to the updated proposal was considered at the Council meeting on Monday 18 November 2019 and Council resolved to object to the amended proposal.  Council made a revised submission addressing the changes to the Department of Planning in mid-December 2019. The revised submission included a copy of the Council report, Council's decision​​ and a set of draft conditions should the proposal proceed despite Council's opposition.​

    Key amendments to the concept proposal are:

    • Reduced scale of development, including deletion of the seniors living villas;

    • Increased health care facilities, including a new respite care facility;

    • Greater setbacks and transitions in height of building envelopes along the boundaries of the site;

    • Increased tree retention and landscaping;

    • Reconfiguration of the layout to protect the heritage curtilage of Pallister House; and

    • Revised staging to deliver the new hospital in the first stage.

    Updated Scheme​ 


     Original Scheme


    Greenwich Hospital.jpg 

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