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Lane Cove Plaza Upgrade - Stage 2

Lane Cove Plaza celebrated its official opening of the Stage 2 upgrades on Saturday 1 November with the extremely popular Coffee Carnevale event.

Council awarded the works to CA&I Pty Ltd, specialist streetscape contractors in April 2014, with works commencing on Monday 12 May 2014.  The works were completed on programme in just over six months and were done during the slower winter months to minimise disruption to businesses.  Day and night shifts were undertaken to meet this tight programme, and the most disruptive and noisiest works were scheduled for night time to reduce the impact on Plaza users and businesses alike. 

The new works feature much larger public decks, more public seating, improved outdoor dining areas and a completely new outdoor lighting concept that will revolutionise the night time ambience of the Plaza.

Minor works continue at present to commission all of the lighting and install the perimeter drop down blinds.

A temporary decorative cladding has been installed to the balustrade around the deck at the western end of the Plaza.  This was necessary due to manufacturing delays affecting supply of the special resin panels that will soon be installed in that location.