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Little Lane Carpark Redevelopment

The Little Lane Carpark redevelopment (1-5 Little Street) was one of the major projects identified in the Major Projects Strategic Management Plan 2007 - 2016 adopted by Council after extensive community consultation.

Construction of the approved Development (comprising 200 public car parking spaces, 1,045m2 of community spaces, 550 m2 retail space and  residential units (and associated parking) has commenced. Civil works have begun in Little Lane and Little Street to divert the sewer and stormwater lined around the site.

Following the civil works, excavation for the 200 public car spaces and new community facilities on the lower levels of the multi-storey unit development is expected to commence late August. This new community space will be home to facilities for Lane Cove & North Side Community Services and Lane Cove Music & Cultural Centre as well as a shared 200 sqm meeting space for public use.

In addition there will be a pedestrian bridge constructed from the site across to the Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre providing increased safety for pedestrians accessing public facilities on Little Street such as the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre and Synergy Youth Centre.

The project will see the number of car spaces increase from 86 to 200 by the time the public car park element of the development is completed in 12-14 months time. Unfortunately this will result in the loss of access to Little Street carpark in the coming weeks (see below for carparking arrangements).

Following the carpark being completed in the next 12-14 months will be the completion of the community facility element of the development by the end of 2015.

Completion of the residential units above the community space will take place later 2016. On-site signage and website updates will provide the community with the latest information on the project's progress

Temporary Carparking Arrangements

To minimise the impact on the community and in particular customers for retail businesses in the Village and Aquatic Centre, the following temporary arrangements have been made: -

  1. 34 additional car spaces in the Civic Centre carpark will become available for the public as a result of the relocation of Council staff parking
  2. 2P restrictions will apply from 6am – 6pm 7 days a week within the Civic Centre carpark - view a map of the Civic Centre carpark availability.
  3. The temporary car park at 69 Longueville Road is to be made available exclusively for 17 Council vehicles during working hours Monday to Friday i.e. 7am to 6pm weekdays
  4. On weekends 2P restrictions will apply in the 69 Longueville Road carpark from 6am – 6pm
  5. Council continues to wait for Ausgrid's completion of nearby infrastructure works before Council commences construction of 33 carparking spaces in Cox's Lane
  6. Following the completion of the Aquatic Centre renovations later in the year, another 28 spaces will be created through a temporary carpark within the Aquatic Centre grounds (via Phoenix Street).

These initiatives will deliver 95 spaces for the public in the village area to replace the 86 spaces temporarily unavailable in Little Lane. The new car spaces in Cox's Lane will remain after the Little Lane Car Park is re-opened with 200 spaces, providing additional village parking.

Council will be closely monitoring the impact of the reduction in car spaces over the construction period and work to find other solutions to minimise this impact. Further information about the options considered is available in a report on all the available options which Council considered at its meeting of 18 November, 2013.