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Milestone reached

28 May 2018

Councillors, Council staff, Council’s project manager AECOM and the ADCO team were on-site over the weekend to take-in the sheer depth of the development to date and help mark reaching the deepest point of the Rosenthal Project development.

This significant milestone comes as approximately 80% of the bulk excavation has been completed. So far this has involved removing 180,000 tonnes of material, which is almost 18 times heavier than the Eiffel Tower or more than 13 times heavier than the Brooklyn Bridge.

The excavation has been stabilised by 350 rock anchors drilled through the perimeter piles using 4.4 kilometres of steel anchor chords. The rock faces between the piles are reinforced with 3,000m2 of steel reinforcement and concrete sprayed on to the vertical excavation faces.

The team have reached the final excavation level 18 metres down on the southern portion of the site and the northern portion of the site will be at its lowest point in July 2018.

In addition to the on-site work a number of other preparations have been underway including the purchasing of over two hundred trees which are already planted to give them two growing seasons to mature before they are in place. Lifts, travelators and some longer term items have already been procured while the process of naming the park is also well underway – to help suggest a new name, visit

The next step will be to install a tower crane and then commence works on the building’s foundations and concrete structure.

Pictured left to right: Front: Clr Katherine Morris; Deputy Mayor Clr Karola Brent; Mayor Clr Pam Palmer; Clr David Brooks-Horn; Clr Scott Bennison; Clr Frances Vissel; and Clr Andrew Zbik. Back: Council’s General Manager, Craig Wrightson and Major Projects Director, Geoffrey Douglas.

The end result will be a vibrant new public community space, with additional car parking capacity to assist with village centre growth. The Council-funded project due for completion in 2020 will transform the previous 170 surface level car park to provide:

• A state of the art public open space including parks, performance space and BBQ facilities at ground level

• Four underground levels providing 500 car parking spaces

• Motorcycle and bicycle parking including end of trip facilities

• Two anchor tenants, ALDI and Coles, situated under the public open space

• A pedestrian bridge over Rosenthal Avenue, including lift and stairs

• Upgrades to pavements and street furniture

• An improved trafficable shared pedestrian zone for Birdwood Lane to provide level access to Birdwood Lane and Lane Cove Plaza

There is still plenty of parking in Lane Cove while the project is under construction with three hours free parking available in the 200-space Little Street Car Park. To find parking locations visit  

This is a Lane Cove Council project delivered by ADCO Constructions

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