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Rosenthal Project

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The Rosenthal Project now has a dedicated website - this includes the latest information on the project.

March 2018 - 3 Month Business Parking Permits

A business parking scheme is in place to help those staff who may have been parking in the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park (staff from local businesses previously accounted for approximately 25% of the use of the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park).

The 3 Month Business Parking Permit is based on a three-monthly cycle, by random draw. The recipients can park in designated business parking spaces in Sera Street (behind Coles). This was previously an underutilised parking area however additional steps have been taken to ensure that there is higher utilisation by local businesses following feedback from the initial rounds of parking where the spaces allocated were not always in use.

Entries closed on Monday 5 March 2018. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their entry by Monday 12 March 2018.
Read the Conditions of 3 Month Business Parking Permit