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Rosenthal Project

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Cancellation of September Business Information Session

Council had scheduled to hold an additional Business Information Session on Monday 18 September however has cancelled the session due to lack of interest.

Local businesses within the Village who are interested in additional support are encouraged to contact the team from RDG Insights directly to arrange their free one-on-one consultation session before 21 September. Call 9460 3889 (Monday-Friday) or email  

The latest information on the Project is available in the September Project Update (Project Update 2).

Project Update 1

ADCO Constructions will regularly provide Project Updates to let you know what’s happening behind the hoardings including upcoming activities.

The first Project Update is now available to view online as well as collect from the Lane Cove Civic Centre.

Lane Cove Village Parking Map

In the lead up to construction commencing on 12 September, local businesses and other community hubs will receive a copy of a Village Parking Map to assist visitors to Lane Cove Village in finding alternate parking. The new Project website will also feature an online map and details of Loading Zones for local deliveries.

Loading Zone Map

There are no changes to Loading Zones in the first stage of the Rosenthal Project however if you have deliveries to the Lane Cove area you may be interested to located the nearest Loading Zone.

Business Support
Council recently held two Business Information Sessions for local businesses looking to find out more about the Rosenthal Project construction phase.  These sessions provided the opportunity to understand more about the construction arrangements and give businesses the chance to meet RDG Insights who will be providing free one-on-one consultations with local businesses over the next six weeks as part of a Council-funded business support program. Businesses looking to make contact to find out more should call 9460 3889 (Monday-Friday) or email

About the Rosenthal Project

The Rosenthal Project involves creating a vibrant new public community space, with additional car parking capacity to assist with village centre growth.The Lane Cove Council funded project involves the redevelopment of the existing Rosenthal Avenue Car Park into a vibrant community space complete with a new park and 500 underground car parking spaces supported by an additional retail precinct.

The jewel in the crown is a vibrant public domain that will provide much-needed open space in the heart of Lane Cove village. Features include a BBQ/picnic area, performance stage and children's play areas. ALDI and Coles will be the anchor tenants located one level below ground, accessed from the park and car park levels.

Construction activities commence 12 September 2017 and will be completed mid 2020.

History of the Project

In 2008 Council adopted the Lane Cove Village Structure Plan. The Plan sets out the long term vision for how the Village should evolve over the coming decades and was developed following extensive research and community consultation. The Structure Plan recommendations include to:

  • Create an outdoor public domain between Rosenthal Avenue and Birdwood Lane.
  • Encourage a mix of uses on this site
  • Integrate the precinct with retail uses to the east and south
  • Provide anchor tenants to support specialty retailers
  • Improve and enhance the public domain. 

In 2014 Council held a Design Ideas Competition to help identify the features of the new open space/park. Several concepts were proposed by design firms to help prompt feedback on the popular aspects that could be integrated into a vision for the Project. 

Council is proud of its role in developing and protecting Lane Cove's village atmosphere, in particular, Lane Cove Plaza. With ever increasing competition from neighbouring shopping centres, Council is working to ensure the viability of local shopping areas whilst preserving the village atmosphere that is so valued by the community. The redevelopment of the Rosenthal Car Park site for open space, community, retail and additional car parking is an example of this commitment to delivering new infrastructure to support the village of Lane Cove.

What will the Project involve?
The site is bound by Rosenthal Avenue, Rosenthal Lane, Birdwood Avenue and Birdwood Lane. Prior to construction it holds 170 surface level car parking spaces.

The Project will transform the site to provide:

  • A state of the art public open space including a park, amenities, performance space and BBQ facilities at ground level
  • Four underground levels providing 500 car parking spaces
  • Bicycle parking including end of trip facilities
  • Two anchor tenants, ALDI and Coles, situated under the public open space.
  • A pedestrian bridge over Rosenthal Avenue, including lift and stairs located on the western side of Rosenthal Avenue
  • Upgrades to Rosenthal Avenue, Rosenthal Lane, and Birdwood Lane pavements and street furniture
  • An improved trafficable shared pedestrian zone for Birdwood Lane  to provide level access to Birdwood Lane and Lane Cove Plaza

In order to achieve this there will need to be a full excavation of the site involving digging down four levels. Work on the open space at ground level will not be possible until the car park is completed however the project will be undertaken in a stages to ensure as much car parking as possible is available during construction. There will however be a period of time where there is no public parking available on site. 

Who is the Project builder?

ADCO Constructions have been appointed by Council as the design and construction builders for the Rosenthal Project. 

ADCO is a leading national construction company that has successfully delivered projects across Australia. ADCO was established in 1972 and since this time has completed over 3,500 projects valued at over of $10 billion. With annual revenues in excess of $1 billion and 580 direct employees ADCO is rated as one of Australia's top 50 private companies.

What is the timeline for the work?

The project team is getting ready for construction to commence on 12 September 2017. 65 car parking spaces will remain for use at the northern end of the site until after the peak Christmas retail period.

By January 2018 the whole site will be under construction resulting in no car parking being available for approximately 12 months. As parking is ready it will be made available to the community however the whole project will not be completed until mid 2020.

How long will the construction take?

Approximately 3 years. The project is scheduled to be completed in mid 2020.

How can I find out what's going on?

Council's website and dedicated Rosenthal e-newsletters will provide updates until a dedicated new Project-specific website, hotline and email address is available. This will be maintained by the Project builders, ADCO and will be available later this month.

What happened to the information provided from the business and community workshops  and survey run by Council  in 2016?

The response to both the workshops and surveys were very valuable, and the information led to the following initiatives being endorsed by Council;

  • retention of as many car parking spaces as possible during the initial part of the construction (65 spaces are being provided at an additional cost) and fast-tracking of the staged provision of the 500 public car parking spaces by completion of the project in 2020
  • a campaign to change parking habits and promote alternative parking options
  • provision of way-finding signage to assist pedestrian and vehicle navigation through the Village
  • offering retail support and development activities to offset construction impacts.
  • Altering parking arrangements to ensure the efficient use of parking spaces that are available

Additional insights gained during the project development are also being addressed through Project communication as well as a range of activation activities during the course of the construction period.

Council has now established a Rosenthal Project Community Liaison Group which includes representatives from the local community, businesses and landowners. The group had its first meeting in July 2017 and will continue to meet during throughout the Project

How will the community benefit from the Project?

  • Lane Cove is growing. The provision of open space in the heart of Lane Cove village will help provide space for those who live locally to the precinct to have a local park as well as an open space that builds upon the village as a meeting place for events and civic activities.
  • Locals will have access to 500 underground car park spaces (up from 170 existing spaces) which will be constructed through the project. By accommodating the spaces underground there is significant improvement to the visual amenity of the area.
  • The development will activate both Birdwood Lane and Rosenthal Lane improving the appearance of the space and creating an attractive and inviting community space
  • The development will provide better pedestrian linkages from nearby laneways, arcades and Lane Cove Plaza to Rosenthal Avenue, Birdwood Lane and the new parking facilities.
  • Based at the northern end of the village, the presence of Coles and ALDI in the redevelopment marks a new era for Lane Cove residents who will have a comprehensive supermarket offering, making shopping locally for weekly items even easier.
  • The Park will link to the Plaza helping to retain the village atmosphere, offering additional reasons for visitation and keeping services, businesses and community activities in the heart of the Village. 

Why has the name changed from the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Redevelopment to the Rosenthal Project?

The name has been simplified to Rosenthal Project during the construction phase. A more suitable, permanent name will be developed to reflect the new space in time for its opening in 2020.

How is the Project being funded?

The Rosenthal Avenue Car Park is a Council-owned asset that sits in the heart of the Lane Cove Village. The funding for the project is coming from a mix of existing Council funds set aside for the Project as well as debt that will be repaid via the commercial lease arrangements made with the retailers who will operate from the site.

 Any debt will be repaid within eight years - it is funded from the lease income and therefore will not be taken from Council rates.

Who are the tenants?

ALDI and Coles are the anchor tenants for the underground tenancies. There will be some supporting food and beverage retail around the perimeter of the open space however this is still in the design phase.

How will Council reduce the impact of loss of parking during construction?

It was clear from Council consultation in 2016 that the business and community were most concerned about the length of time without parking in the Village. As a result Council endorsed a staged construction approach by the appointed Project builders, ADCO. This means that 65 car parking spaces will still be available at the northern end of the existing site during the initial part of the construction from 12 September until after the peak Christmas shopping period. The Project involves fast-tracking the staged provision of any completed car parking as soon as it is available.

This Project was deliberately timed to take place after the building of the Little Street Car Park which increased parking from 86 spaces to 200 spaces. Way-finding signage to alternate parking locations as well as tools such as on-site signage, maps for businesses to pass on to clients and suppliers are being prepared  in conjunction with general improvements to existing car parks.

Will parking arrangements change?

Yes. Council understands the constraints on parking with the Village which is why the Rosenthal Project is set to increase parking from 170 current spaces to 500 spaces in 2020.

Council has been working with ADCO Constructions (ADCO) the Design and Construction Builder to retain as many spaces as possible on the current car park site during the initial construction phase. ADCO are also fast-tracking the staged provision of the car parking spaces as they become available in the lead up to the Project's completion 2020.There will be a period of time when there is no parking available at all – see below for the various stages.

As more detail is known on specific timings of each of the below stages, the construction timeline will be updated with key car parking milestones and activities. This will be communicated on-site and on the Rosenthal Project website which will be launched August 2017. An approximate construction staging is provided below, however this may change through the course of construction.

  • Stage 1 (12 September –December 2017) - The Northern end of the existing car park bounded by Birdwood and Rosenthal Avenues and Birdwood Lane will be retained providing 65 car parking spaces. Construction hoarding will be erected to the southern half of the site fronting Birdwood and Rosenthal Lanes and Rosenthal Avenue. On-street parking on the eastern side of Rosenthal Avenue will be unavailable.

  • Stage 2 (By early 2018) - ADCO will take possession of the full site. No parking will be available in Rosenthal Avenue Car Park. Construction hoarding will be modified to surround the entire site, allowing the team to complete excavation works and begin structure.

  • Stage 3 - Structural works will commence. A temporary car park located on the southern area of the site will be available to the public.
  • Stage 4 - Basement 3 Car Park Level will be finished, allowing the public to utilise this space.

A coordinated and consistent approach to wayfinding signage will be adopted to limit disruption to access throughout the village due to construction activities. Alternative parking options will also be promoted throughout the Village.

What will the area look while it is under construction?

Council recently appointed public art specialists to help deliver the Rosenthal Hoarding Project. This outdoor gallery will provide a sense of colour, impact and energy for pedestrians, businesses and visitors to the Birdwood and Rosenthal Laneways. In addition to public artworks, local schools will be invited to participate in workshops led by artists to help create original works influenced and contributed to by the students.

The artworks will be installed on the hoarding during the early stage of construction and will be complemented by another public artwork and amenity improvements. More details to follow in the coming weeks.