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1 Sirius Road

Council is making a submission to the Department of Planning regarding the proposed Data Centre at 1 Sirius Road Lane Cove West.

The proposed Data Centre is defined as a State Significant Development and, as such, will be determined by the Minister for Planning, not by Council.

While Council is not the Determining Authority it has the opportunity to make a submission and propose draft conditions for consideration by the Department and the Minister.

Council staff prepared a submission highlighting environmental concerns of the development at 1 Sirius Road.

The comprehensive submission was forwarded to the Department of Planning in May 2019 and is Council’s formal response to the proposed Data Centre.

In summary, Council supports the proposal which would benefit both the state and local economies, however calls for a more considered and sophisticated site analysis , building design and environmental response which seeks a better balance between economic development and the existing environment of the location in which this State Significant Development is proposed.  

View the submission.