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Sportsground Strategy

​​​Population growth is expected to impact demand for sports grounds in the Northern Sydney region. Council in 2018 adopted the Northern Sydney Region of Councils' (NSROC) Regional Sportsground Strategy which quantified and demonstrated a current and future shortfall in the supply and capacity of sports grounds. It showed that an increase in supply/capacity of 26% will be needed by the year 2026 (equivalent to approximately 78 standard rectangular fields) and 40% will be needed by the year 2036 (equivalent to approximately 120 standard rectangular fields).

This followed the  2016 NSROC Regional Plan for Synthetic Sportsfields which identified a pathway to increase synthetic fields in the region as a way of increasing capacity. This approach was as one of the solutions in the 2011 NSROC Regional Sportsground Management Strategy.​​

The implication of population growth forecasts for Council is that greater pressure will be placed on community facilities including sports grounds. Council plans to implement the initiatives outlined in the documents to increase our local capacity while staying up to date and involved with Regional and State initiatives to increase available sportsgrounds across the region.​