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St Leonards and Crows Nest

​February 2019

After considering the State Government's Draft St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plans at its Extraordinary meeting on 4 February 2019, Council resolved to make a submission highlighting a number of positive aspects and 16 issues of concern. These are contained in the following documents:

- Covering Letter

- Council submission

- Response to Crows Nest Metro Rezoning Proposal

- Appendix to Response to Crows Nest Rezoning Proposal

- Response to Crows Nest Metro Concept Development Application

- Draft 2036 Plans Workshop – final report by KJA

January 2019

Update on Independent Facilitated Workshop report on St Leonards Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans

On 12 December 2018, Council hosted a workshop on the St Leonards Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans from the Department of Planning. Independent facilitators (KJA) were appointed by Council to deliver an interactive session addressing these plans and to record participant feedback. Attendees were required to familiarise themselves with the Draft Local Character Statement and Draft 2036 Plan prior to this session. Comments were collated under each of the five themes of the Plans (Place, Landscape, Built Form, Land Use and Movement).

KJA specifically noted that "some demographics of the local government area were underrepresented, particularly residents aged under 30 years, while other age groups were overrepresented." KJA considered that the results of the workshop "would need to be tested with the broader community before it could be determined to be indicative of the wider community's view" (KJA, p3). Despite this, KJA reported the key findings were:

  • Concern about the impact of additional development, particularly new residential, on local traffic, parking and accessibility, including in areas some believed are already congested, and local amenity.
  • Concern of what was seen as an overemphasis on residential development at the expense of commercial development, which some suggested would hinder efforts to meet employment targets.
  • Mixed views regarding the amount, location and zonings of new residential densities.
  • Concern about Metro station being at capacity once opened.
  • Concern about overshadowing impacts of new developments, and other impacts (e.g. wind tunnels).
  • Support for new public transport infrastructure, pedestrian and cycle-ways, but still believed that additional infrastructure and measures would be needed to manage traffic increase and cars parking in the area.
  • Support for a bus interchange to be included in the Plan.
  • Acknowledgement of the challenges of topography, including for developments and cycle-ways.
  • Support for efforts to retain heritage and character of the local area, with some thinking the Department could do more.
  • Support new community hubs and amenities in the area, with specific suggestions for how these could be delivered (should mostly be in place before and/or in parallel with residential, not after new developments were complete).  
  • General support for activated laneways and proposed shopping centres.
  • Support for a variety of housing types across the entire precinct, including affordable housing options, to meet the needs of different demographics, such as key service workers (health etc).
  • Support for proposed setbacks, especially in transitioning, though concern that best practice built form would be compromised during planning proposal processes.
  • Support for plans to expand health and education facilities to meet increased demand from a larger local population, though views differed as to where some of these facilities should be located.
  • Support for green corridors and tree cover, though keen to see an increase in, and greater mix of, useable and open green spaces in the precinct than is currently allowed for in the Plan.

KJA also noted that the predominant focus of the participants within this session were on issues associated with the St Leonards South Planning Proposal rather than the broader St Leonards Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans.

Participants also mentioned additional information they would like to see, including:

  • Evidence that there is support from some members of the community for development in the area;
  • Means of calculating progress under each principle so that it can be monitored by community;
  • The detailed plan and approach for creating and measuring increased employment in the area;
  • The proposed locations of any new education facilities; and
  • Further traffic modelling analysis and data.

The full KJA report on the St Leonards & Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans Workshop is available to view online.

Council is in the process of preparing a report in response to the State Government's St Leonards Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans ahead of the Extraordinary Council meeting of Monday 4 February 2019. The agenda and draft report will be available to view on Council's website in advance of the meeting.

November 2018

Council can confirm that the NSW Department of Planning and Environment have agreed to an extension to the overall period of submissions for the State Government’s St Leonards and Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plan package.

The exhibition period will now close on Friday 8 February 2019.  It is important to note that the consultation period for the proposed draft Crows Nest Metro (station) plans have not been extended and will conclude on 3 December 2018.

Please see the Have Your Say section below for the finalised dates of the public drop-in information as well as Council's facilitated session.

October 2018

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has released the draft plans and supporting documents for the St Leonards and Crows Nest Planned Precinct.

You can view the draft plans for St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 online via the Department of Planning and Environment website.

map st leonards and crows nest study area.jpg 

The draft exhibition package includes:

  • Draft Local Character Statement

  • Draft 2036 Plan

  • Draft Green Plan

  • Draft Special Infrastructure Contribution

  • Draft proposed rezoning for the Crows Nest Metro station sites

  • Supporting technical studies on

    • Urban Design

    • Traffic and Transport

    • Social Infrastructure and Open Space

    • Heritage

    • Market Feasibility

    • Employment Review

    • Utilities

The plans will be on public exhibition via the Department of Planning and Environment until Friday 8 February 2019.

Have Your Say

To provide your feedback to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment on St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 you can visit the Community Feedback section of their website. There are options to complete an online survey, make an online submission or write to the Department.

For details, visit the St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 website.

The Department will host two additional community drop- in sessions in the Terrace Function Room at the Lane Cove Community Hub, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove. 

The session times are:

Saturday 24 November from 11:00am - 2:00pm

Tuesday 11 December from 4:00pm - 7:00pm

These drop-in sessions will be staffed by the Department of Planning who have display materials and can answer questions regarding the St Leonards and Crows Nest Draft 2036 Plans for the community. No bookings are required.

In addition to the above, Council is also hosting a community session facilitated by an external consultant. The session is designed to be interactive so as to be able to note in more detail any issues raised in the Plan package.

Wednesday 12 December from 5:30pm - 7:30pm

This session will also be held in the Terrace Function Room at the Lane Cove Community Hub, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove. 

RSVPs have now closed - as this is a facilitated activity, only those who have pre-registered are able to attend.

3 hours free parking is available underneath the Terrace Function Room by parking in the Little Street Car Park. The Terrace Function Room is available on the Lower Ground Level, accessible by the lobby lifts.


For those interested in understanding the context of Council's process for long-term planning for St Leonards South, you can view the background online.