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Where does our waste go?

Lane Cove, along with four other councils in the Northern Sydney Region, sends the content of red-lidded waste bins to a purpose-built Biological Treatment (MBT) facility at Woodlawn, south of Sydney.

The facility is managed by Veolia who are responsible for transforming the waste from red-lidded bins in Lane Cove into useful compost for environmental rehabilitation.

This waste processing technology requires a certain percentage of waste in the red bin to be organic to assist with the composting that is processed. This contributes to Council's current waste diversion rate of 64% on average per month.

The below diagram explains how the system converts waste into compost which is then used in the mine rehabilitation of the former Woodlawn mine, near Goulburn.

Food waste should not be put into green-lidded vegetation bins. The green bin is for garden prunings and grass clippings. This material is processed at a facility in Ryde where it is made into garden ready compost/mulch. it is essential that this is free of food waste.

Following on from Plastic-Free July and interest through the ABC’s War on Waste series, Council has received a number of enquiries from residents who weren’t aware they are able to dispose of waste in their red-lidded bin without garbage/plastic bags. If you are interested in reducing the amount of plastic in your waste bin, please consider using alternatives such as wrapping your waste in paper or disposing items directly into the bin.

Find out what you can recycle in your blue and yellow-lidded bins.

If you have any other questions about waste and recycling, please contact Council’s Waste Management  team on  9911 3555 or via