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Housing DA Guide


In Lane Cove, if you intend to build, develop or use land, your first step should be to contact Council. Council can then tell you about:

  • The development assessment process

  • The rules for developing the particular site under the Council's local plan

  • Any issues they know might affect development and use of the site.

To inform residents and any other interested persons about the steps in the development assessment process, Lane Cove Council has developed a Development Application (DA) guide.

The DA Guide aims to provide a summary of the development assessment process. The DA Guide also seeks to identify those opportunities available for interested parties to become involved in the DA process.

A Development document finder has been developed to assist in locating Council codes, policies and application forms that may be necessary when lodging a development application.

The Five Steps for a Development Application 

To assist in understanding the development assessment process, the DA Guide has been divided into five easy to follow steps. Each step provides an overview of what is required, the most effective method of achieving what is required and the appropriate contact details should you require assistance.

The Five Steps for a Development Application are:

Step 1. Check if proposal permissible.

Step 2. Check if DA required.

Step 3. Check plans/codes/policies.

Step 4. Obtain information.

Step 5. Lodge application.

What this guide offers

The guide will help you with Council approval for:

  • New house

  • Pergola

  • Swimming Pool

  • Backyard shed

  • House renovations

  • Other minor works around the house

This guide can NOT help you with building work for:

  • Flats

  • Duplexes

  • Commercial or Industrial Properties

  • Townhouses

How to navigate

Click the next and back link under each section to navigate around the section. Click the Housing Approval Guide link on the right to come to this page.

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