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​BASIX - New requirements to save water and energy in new homes

If you are building or renovating you have the perfect opportunity to create a home which uses natural resources such as energy and water wisely, has minimal impacts on the environment and is cheaper to run.

From July 2005, development applications for new residential dwellings in New South Wales must include a BASIX certificate demonstrating that the home will be designed and built to save energy and water. From 1 July 2006, these rules will be extended to alterations and additions.

BASIX (the Building Sustainability Index) is a web-based planning tool which measures the potential performance of new residential dwellings against sustainability indices.

BASIX ensures each dwelling design meets the NSW Government's targets of:

  • 40% reduction in water consumption and

  • 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared with the average home.

The greenhouse target will increase to 40% from July 2006.

The NSW Government estimates that over the next ten years the BASIX rules will save 287,000 billion litres of water and 9.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases (equivalent to taking 2.6 million cars off the road). It is also expected that the average home built to BASIX standards will save $500 – $600 each year on water and energy bills.

Meeting the sustainability targets to secure a BASIX certificate is not difficult, but requires careful planning at the design stage. For further information see the BASIX website at or contact the BASIX Helpline on 1300 650 908.