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Step 3: General Plans and Policies



Local Environmental Plan

Lane Cove Council’s Local Environmental Plan contains important controls that must be considered. These controls include but are not limited to:

Development Control Plans

Many of Lane Cove Council’s controls relating to businesses are contained in Council’s Business Zones Development Control Plan (DCP). Some of the important rules in the Business Zones DCP include:

  • Car parking, off-street car parking and vehicular access

  • Loading facilities

  • Toilet facilities

  • Building design, height and setback

  • Landscaping

Small business owners may also need to consider the following development control plans:

State Environmental Planning Policies

During your review process you may find that your property is also affected by other special controls such as those imposed by the NSW state government. These are generally referred to as Regional or State Environmental Planning Policies.

Statement of Environmental Effects

It is a requirement under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 that a Development Application be accompanied by a Statement of Environmental Effects.

Lane Cove Council has developed a template for a Statement of Environmental Effects for applications to change the use of a shop, office or other commercial premises or industrial premises.

The template for the Statement of Environmental Effects aims to reduce the complexity of lodging a development application and to assist in the timely assessment of small business DA’s.

If your application is more complex than a change of use for a shop, office or other commercial premises or industrial premises, a separate Statement of Environmental Effects must be prepared and submitted with your application.

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