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1 - Is Proposal Permissable


​Planning zones state what type of development may be permitted on your property. Most small businesses are located in business zones.

When proposing to change the use of a building or to do building work it is essential that you check the zoning of the land. You can do this by referring to the zoning map at Council’s Customer Service Centre, or by going to Council’s zoning information page. Most small businesses are located within the Business Zones.

Once you have determined what zone applies to your property you must consider whether your proposal (i.e the new use of the building) is permitted in that zone. The Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan lists the types of development that are permitted within each planning zone.

If you require any assistance please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9911 3555.

Section 10.7 Planning Certificate

You may also want to purchase a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate from Council. A Section 10.7 Planning Certificate provides details of the zoning of the property and the controls relating to it. It also indicates special policies that apply to the property regarding issues such as flooding or bushfires. This certificate is usually attached to the contract for the sale of a property.

While a Section 10.7 Planning Certificate states all the relevant planning instruments that apply to the property, it does not give detail about development controls/standards or terms in those planning instruments. If building works are being proposed, it will be necessary to research thoroughly all of the terms of the planning instruments which apply to the land.

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