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4 - Obtain Information


​The following information is provided to assist you when preparing a Development Application (DA). All council policies and application forms mentioned are available on council’s website through the document and form finder section.


Be sure to think about design issues, remembering what surrounds the site and the objectives of controls and legislation identified in Step 3 of the DA Guide.

If you are seeking professional design advice to develop an initial concept proposal, Council suggest that you contact:

o ArchiCentre (ph 1300 13 45 13). ArchiCentre is the building advisory service of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

o Building Designers Association of NSW (ph 0500 555 054). The BDA is an association of professional designers who prepare documentation for building works.


Council suggests that you talk to your neighbours about your plans. This will help identify any issues they may have with your proposal at an early stage. Council will notify your neighbours about your proposal once you lodge your development application so it is best to consider how your proposal will affect them before preparing your final DA plans.


Discussing your concept proposal before lodging your DA with Council is a good idea as it will assist in identifying any issues with your proposal. Your initial inquiries should be directed to Council’s Duty Planner who is located at Council’s Customer Service Centre.

The Duty Planner can help guide you on what is permitted on a site and what sort of things the site’s controls and rules are trying to achieve. By bringing your sketches or plans in early, you may find that your plans will need a lot of changes before they would be likely to be approved. By making these changes before lodging you application, you are able to save yourself time and money.

Once you have developed your proposal you may want to organise a pre-lodgement meeting with Council’s Development Assessment Team. Council particularly recommends that a pre-lodgement meeting be held for large developments, for developments in sensitive sites (such as environmental conservation areas). Please be aware that a fee is required for a pre-lodgement meeting.

The aim of a pre-DA meeting is to discuss your proposal and identify all the relevant issues or areas of non-compliance with Councils planning controls. The advice given by Council in a pre-lodgement meeting will ultimately help your DA to be processed more efficiently. Please be aware however that until an application is lodged and assessed by Council, staff cannot advise you as to whether you will ultimately get Council approval.

To organise a pre-DA lodgement meeting, an appointment needs to be made with Council. You can make an appointment by contacting Councils Customer Service centre on 9911 3555..

To ensure that you get the most from a pre-lodgement meeting, Council suggest that you bring along the following information:

o A site analysis
o Concept plans and elevations (to scale) of the proposed development,
o Calculations (if relevant)
o Photographs of the site and the surrounding streetscape.


Council encourages you to employ a professional designer to prepare your final DA plans. Employing a professional will generally produce a clearer design and should ensure that all the information required for DA plans is provided. Please remember that all plans must be drawn in ink, to scale and must contain all the information outlined in the DA Checklist.

Once you have finalised your DA Plans, technical reports and have produced a Statement of Environmental Effects, you need to obtain a DA Application Form and Checklist. The application form and checklist are available on Council’s website through the document and form finder or from Council's Customer Service Centre.

The DA Checklist sets out what plans are needed, how many copies you need to lodge, what needs to be included in the plans and what supporting information is required. Remember to be sure that all relevant information is provided at lodgement (e.g. correct number of copies etc).

Please note that the DA Checklist forms a part of your Development Application. Take the time to read and complete the checklist fully and accurately so that no unnecessary delays will occur in receiving and processing your application. If it is not complete, Council cannot accept it.

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